How to get rid of Frizzy hair this Monsoon?

How to get rid of Frizzy hair this Monsoon?

How to get rid of Frizzy hair and prevent hair fall in Monsoon?

We all love being drenched in the rains, after all, Rainy season is the most beloved of all. Those rain dances, play with kids in small streams, simply drive away from the blues of our life. However, Monsoons also brings in a lot of hair fall and frizziness. The reason being the acidic showers and excess humidity, which changes the hair’s chemical structures making the frizzy and more prone to breakage. More so people with wavy hair are usually more prone to frizz. Also, a point of caution, since the reason behind it is the changes in the cuticles, any chemical treatment, i.e., the hair coloration, hair treatments, may also impact the texture and make your hair more frizzy.

Get Frizz Free hair in Rainy season:

Though I have straight hair (normal), they get frizzy during rains, even without getting drenched. And honestly, not only do they become unmanageable but also give a shabby look. Being a mom, I faced severe Hair Loss postpartum, here are some tips on How to prevent Postpartum Hair Loss.

More loss of strands often gets accompanied in this season. But from the past 2 years, I have been religiously following my hair care routine, which has helped in controlling frizz to a certain extent.

Are your tired of Frizzy hair this monsoon? Then here are some self experimented simple ways to get rid of Frizzy hair and prevent hair fall. #hairfall #hairloss #frizzy #antifrizz #shampoo #keratinshampoo #conditioner #haircare

Here are 5 tips to work on to get rid of frizzy hair during Monsoons:

1. Proper Hot Oil treatment :

Monsoon hair care means good Oil treatment. I usually go for a mixture of Coconut oil and Olive oil to keep hair nourished right from their roots. Since Olive oil has antioxidants, it keeps the scalp well hydrated. Take equal quantity (1-1 spoon) of both these oils, mix them and heat it for a minute until it becomes lukewarm. Rub this mixture gently and give your scalp a good soft hair massage. Wrap the hair in a warm towel after oiling.

I usually avoid keeping oily hair for the whole night or the whole day. After this hot oil treatment, you can easily wash your hair, after keeping it for 1-2 hours.

2. Keeping the Hair clean: Use Keratin rich Shampoo:

Keeping your scalp and hair clean is the best way to avoid excessive hair loss in Rainy season. If you get drenched in rainfall, ensure that you use a mild cleansing shampoo once you’re indoors. For me, mild and Keratin Rich shampoo has worked wonders over time.

Even shampoo’s with Rosemary extracts helps in ushering vitality to our hair. Try using those shampoo’s which are really mild and are Sulphate free. If you wash more than twice or thrice a week, then at least once you can also use Mild baby shampoo.

If you have an oily scalp, humidity can create more havoc. Lemon juice hair mask works wonders for an oily scalp.

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Are your tired of Frizzy hair this monsoon? Then here are some self experimented simple ways to get rid of Frizzy hair and prevent hair fall. #hairfall #hairloss #frizzy #antifrizz #shampoo #keratinshampoo #conditioner #haircare

3. Keeping the hair length short:

Try to give a stylish cut to your hair this season, as long hair are very prone to trap the humidity and get frizzy. If not, keep your hair tied (not too tightly), in the form of Simple or braided ponytail, or a bun!

A word of caution from Salon stylists: Use less of chemical treatments, less ironing, straightening and no excessive experimentations with colorations. Chemicals and heat cause more damage to your already affected hair during monsoons.

4. Maintaining a protein-rich healthy diet:

I’m sure, we are all tempted to try out Samosa’s and kachori’s but let me tell you, spicy and oily foods do more harm to our health and hair. Excessive consumption of caffeine makes your hair more prone to frizz, as it is a causative agent of dehydration. Add more fruits and fresh vegetables to your diet, which keep your skin and body well hydrated. Focus a lot on liquids (not soda’s) as lemonades, watermelon juice and lots of water.

Always consume some portions of whole grains and complete protein rich diet, we all know that hair strands are all about tough protein “Keratin”.

5. Condition it well:

In this season and even in general, our scalp loses natural oil which makes our hair dry and frizzy. Thus it is really important to use a good conditioner. More so during monsoons, always use a hydrating Frizz free and Hair fall rescue conditioners after shampooing. Anti-Frizz Conditioners do well in controlling the extra frizz. You can also try Anti-Frizz masques, similar serums, which can help you retain your hair texture for longer periods. 

Alternative home remedies for conditioning (frizzy hair) also work great:

  • Use of Beer as a conditioner: Simply add beer and water in equal quantity and rinse your hair. Allow it to dry, the enzymes in beer help you regain your lustrous hair with adequate hydration
  • Mango and Mint pack works wonders, you simply need to mash mango and make a good paste with Mint leaves. I have been applying this pack almost every week during monsoons. It makes the tresses really smooth and conditions well.
  • Mashed Banana and Olive Oil hair (optional: you can add honey to this mixture) mask also helps in reducing the frizz. I have been trying this pack during Monsoon’s since last year and it has also helped along with other tips I’ve shared. You can keep this mask for 20-30 minutes and then wash it off. Be very gentle while applying it all over your hair.

Are your tired of Frizzy hair this monsoon? Then here are some self experimented simple ways to get rid of Frizzy hair and prevent hair fall. #hairfall #hairloss #frizzy #antifrizz #shampoo #keratinshampoo #conditioner #haircare

Few Masque’s which have worked well for my frizzy hair :

  • Kerastase Discipline Maskeratine Masque, you can buy it from Amazon here.
  • StBotanica Biotin & Collagen Strengthening Hair Mask, you can get it from Amazon right here.
  • MamaEarth Argan Hair Mask, you can buy it from Amazon here.

Let me know if you too have a problem of Frizzy hair in Rainy season and how do you overcome that frizz. If you’re still in a fix, then work out on the tips I’ve shared, as I have seen a difference myself!

Enjoy the rains, get wet and have ample fun!




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