How to Make Your Kids All-Rounders?

How to Make Your Kids All-Rounders?

Growth is a holistic concept. Help your child become an all-rounder and a better version of themselves with the online hobby classes for kids on Yellow Class. All parents want their children to grow up and become the best versions of themselves, and add new feathers to their hats in whatever they do. The path to success is often not easy and is filled with challenges that can be overcome only with a well-rounded personality.

It is, therefore, one of the greatest aspirations of all parents to nurture their children into becoming all-rounders, right from an early age! Becoming an all-rounder requires the child’s holistic development that calls for some efforts from the parents and the child.

How to make your child an all-rounder?

Here are some of the most sought-after tips that you should implement to make sure that your child is right on the path of becoming an all-rounder.

1. Go easy on the Pressure to be ‘the Best’

As parents, it should be ensured that you don’t exert too much pressure on your children to be perfect at everything. Make sure you encourage them every time they try, and not only when they succeed.

Constant and positive reinforcement will make your child strive for more and not make them shy away even from trying because of the fear of failure.

2. Introduce them to New Possibilities

Becoming an all-rounder is only possible by trying as many things as possible. From academics to new hobbies like painting, sketching, calligraphy, and more, introduce them to different things that they can try out.

This will keep their attention riveted and make them want to try and learn new things, which will help them find their calling! Yellow Class, an online platform for a large variety of online kids’ activities. The platform can help your child in trying their hands out at more than 40 programs!

3. Pay Attention to Emotions

Simply getting good grades on the report card is not an indicator of the holistic development of a child. Your child may be getting the best grades in all subjects, but they may not be enjoying the process of learning.

Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to your child’s emotions and help them develop emotional intelligence. Engaging in different hobby classes for kids like performing arts and yoga can help your child strike the mind-body balance and become better equipped at dealing with their emotions – even the hard ones.

4. Emphasis on the Art of Self-Learning

Individuals who have developed the art of self-learning become great problem solvers. It becomes easy for them to adapt to new situations and learn faster than an average person.

To inculcate self-learning in children, parents should take a step back and not become too involved in the learning process. Introduce new activities for kids, and let the child learn on their own under the guidance of a good instructor. They might fail at times, but they will become independent and resourceful learners as well!

Conclusion: Online hobby classes for Kids

All-rounder kids are smarter than their peers; they are confident in taking on new challenges and have the skills to do things better. Parents should help their kids become all-rounders by letting them engage in as many new activities as possible.

Yellow Class offers online hobby classes for kids with the best instructors to make your children smarter and more active, physically and emotionally, and turn them into great self-learning and self-improving individuals!

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  1. Ruchi Verma

    Self-learning is so important for kids and it helps them to be more confident and perfect in their favorite things!! Glad you shared this as it is really insightful!!

    1. Outset Books

      Self learning is very important. What they learn by themselves would stay with them forever. This makes the an overall independent person.

  2. hema gayatri

    These are some best pointers to make kiddo all rounder. I have been hearing a lot of positive reviews about yellow class. checking for my kiddo

  3. Wow online hobby classes is a good idea. I would like to explore it for my kids. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The Champa Tree

    Agree with you totally. Going easy on the pressure is the most important to pique the interest of the kids. Pressure make them despise studies

  5. Swati Mathur

    Agree being a facilitator and not holding hands all the time will make them independent and self sufficient. Providing them enviornment which creates opportunities for their holistic growth Is our responsibly as a parent.

  6. With the choice of hobby classes every child has been seen doing what they are passionate about and the growth of the child is charting up with this factor.

  7. Rakhi Parsai

    In order to ensure complete learning of your child it indeed is important that we give them good exposure. And having a hobby and working on it can indeed make a huge difference in raising an all rounder

  8. Judy

    My son is already attending Yellow Class workshops and programs. The teachers are good and content to the point. These are some great points you have mentioned for making kids all rounders.

  9. Cindy Dsilva

    Coincidentally, Just a couple of days ago my friend said her sister uses this Yellow class for her kid. I was wondering what it was and you answered it elaborately today. Wonderful.

  10. Hansa Kajaria

    These are some good pointers that you have shared. My kids love to hobby classed and so I will check it out for them and get them enrolled too.

  11. Neha Tambe

    I like the fact that you are emphasizing on new possibilities and emotions here. As the lives and generations are evolving, so are the possibilities of making interesting career choices.

  12. Ishieta

    Hobbies are a wonderful arena and i feel every person, child and adult must have a hobby or two or four.
    you are right hobbies are a great way to make kids all rounders and helps them develop all sorts of skills which an academic course cannot take care of.

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