Humanity “Coached” by a kid

It was a lovely morning, full of radiance and I felt a fragrance in the aura! Didn’t know that a little kid was going to make me ponder over this life once again. A small kid prompted me to give a thought, a feeling which had hid in me due to the social outlook to believe in GOD, Join hands & Pray. A thought which once I completely ignored believing only in good deeds, wishing & doing something which bring smiles to others. Once again today, these thoughts were rekindled in my beating heart:). It’s nothing to do with the religious sentiments but it opens one to a very basic question towards Humanity and its implementation in Life!

Why do we go to temple & pray to statues? 

“A father & son went to a temple & suddenly the son shouted to his dad fearing of something.. Well fear in temple? Highly absurd..But son again shouted raging his dad since he was disturbing the serene atmosphere of the temple early this morning.

Slowly looking at his dad’s temperament, he came closer & buzzed something in his ear..Run dad, these lions on the pillars will eat us …Run, dad run!

Astonished..He tried pacifying his son saying, child these are just statues, made of sheer stones. They don’t have life in them and how the hell can they harm us? Be relaxed & join your hands in front of God and pray for wellbeing!

Highly puzzled! He couldn’t stop himself from asking..Dad if these lion statues won’t harm us, being of stone & with no lives, how could these statues of God give us blessings & shower us with the goodies we/so many people ask for every second? Every minute somewhere somebody is ill asking for quick recovery, people pray to earn money, some pray to be blessed with baby in lives, some want to marry their loved ones. There are so many wishes. How do these godly statues listen & fulfil them? Doesn’t God gets confused with such a big demand list? Papa, I cannot remember a single 200 words essay, wouldn’t it be difficult for God to hear & memorize so many individual wishes?”

His dad was completely speechless on hearing his Child’s question. The question was really not so hilarious but it was impactful for his dad. That was a day which transformed his life & he started searching for GOD in humans instead of statues..He pondered over for next 10minutes & the only response he could give his son was “I’ve found Humanity today, thank you :)”

How ?

So true isn’t it? Temples/Gurudwaras/Churches/Mosques actually gives us peace of mind. But those are not the places to hand over our wish list each time we visit. The life we lead is a matter of “Karma” & not of the quantum of prayers & offerings offered at the religious places to woo Gods. Can stone statues be wooed? Give a thought!

These places offer a connect with our soul & guide us for a better karma of Humanity. Let’s start believing in Humanity & find God not in statues but everywhere around us.

Come, Let’s meet God via “Humanity”!

Give this hand a support!

In our parents, who lived all their life for us, who sacrificed their happiness to see smiles on our faces;

Hold a trembling hand to give support & see the inner happiness that day;

Give food to needy not once but daily, little from your supper & measure the quantum of peace;

Try loving an Orphan & you’ll know the Innocence this world has;

Try giving some of your hard earned money to a needy in hospital; You’ll cheer to see them recover;

Save a life & you’ll understand the the preciousness of “Life”;

Leave your home & stay alone for sometime to know the real worth of your loved ones;

Bring home a puppy to know what “Love” is without words;

Let’s inspire our souls to work selflessly towards humans, animals and mother earth. Let’s all pledge to give happiness at least to one soul a day to attain the peace & harmony in our own life! When you see your deed made someone laugh, returned those smiles back, made someone rise above the bar, helped someone live life once again, the “Temple wish list” will automatically get deleted! 

I really couldn’t control my fingers from typing this post this morning. Such a fantastic message delivered by a small innocent kid. We usually fail to sense that even kids can be a great source of inspiration & learning. Their innocence has no boundaries, their love has no bias-ness, what they know is only language of love. Don’t mould them so much that they leave their basic innocence hidden in their hearts!

Let’s try & imitate kids, love every one unbiased!

Be Good, Do Good & Goodness will automatically fall in your Laps!

Readers do share your thoughts on this!!

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