HYPNOBIRTHING : Technique Kate Middleton used for Birthing

Kate Middleton and HypnoBirthing : 

Kate Middleton is glowing after giving birth to her third baby with HypnoBirthing technique! #birthing #hypnobirthing #katemiddleton #motherhood

As the duchess of Cambridge “Kate Middleton” gave birth to her third child, she has been consistently in news due to her glorious looks just after few hours of Birth. Natural Birth ain’t easy and well not at all glamorous. As the royal couple posed hours after Kate Middleton gave birth, people went over crazy, about her flawless skin, hair and how effortlessly she gave birth to her child.

Well, to me, a mother, it cannot be termed effortlessly. While for a layman or a normal women, no process in this world can be more exhaustive than the “Labour” and than birthing a child normally. Indeed, it gives me a feel of swollen feet and face, sleep deprived eyes, anxious face and a puzzled woman, but there are some natural techniques, which can help make labour easier. It is being believed that Kate Middleton used a technique called “HypnoBirthing” to ease her labor pain and get that Mommy glow. The media even reported that she has used this practice for all three of her babies. Sounds something “A must know” for a women? Then read on!

All about HypnoBirthing : A technique Kate Middleton used!

Kate Middleton is glowing after giving birth to her third baby with HypnoBirthing technique! #birthing #hypnobirthing #katemiddleton #motherhood #labour #pregnancy

What is HypnoBirthing ?

HypnoBirthing is based on the work of an obstetrician, Dr Grantley Dick-Reid, who backed it with the science of Hormones and Blood flow (see section : Science behind HypnoBirthing)

It is a technique which helps a to be mommy to stay calm, relaxed, within control, once she enters into her labour. Staying calm during labour is not something natural for a women. With so many complicated and horror birth stories doing rounds, the extra protocols being followed by hospital staff, fear of the word “labour pain” and thus fatigue labour comes naturally. It creates an anxiety and fear in the minds and hearts of a women. It is cent percent believed that labor = acute pain, and this feel actually tenses a mother’s body.

HypnoBirthing involves educating a women about the beautiful Birthing process physiologically as well as psychologically. It aims at combining breathing, deep relaxation, self hypnosis and visualisation techniques along with focus on “Nutrition”. Alongside women are made more confident and empowered to be proud of themselves to give birth to a new life. It helps to release out the unnecessary fear and anxiety within a women and fills in a new sense of calmness and energy.

The best part is, it can be practised anywhere, be it in the hospital or at home or at any Maternity clinics as well.

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The Science behind HypnoBirthing :

When a to be mom is in stress and feeling scared during the labour, two things happen in the body :

  • A women’s body usually goes into “fight-or-flight” mode. In this situation, Adrenaline, the major stress hormone is released in the body.
  • As a result of this, the blood and oxygen move away from the uterus into the limb area which puts you in a “run away” mode.

Due to this scarcity of blood in uterus & womb, the muscles get deprived of the blood and oxygen, which is required all the more during the labour. Hence the muscles do not get that energy to work. Also, the stress hormones lessens the production of “feel good” hormones & Oxytocin, which help in reducing the pain, as a result the labour pain enhances and fatigue is felt.

On the contrary, if a woman remains calm, using HypnoBirthing technique, the body produces more oxytocins and endorphins, which in turn reduces the pain. It fills uterus with more oxygenated blood and that relaxes the uterine muscles.

Overall, Its a chemistry of Hormones and blood! The calmer and positive you are, the easier labour becomes!

How is it practised?

So, I’m sure many of the readers might be thinking about the “Hypnotization”, since this technique involves “Hypno” in it. Let me share, that it has nothing related to hypnotization or some weird chantings. It basically is a technique to calm down the atmosphere a to be mum is in.

Kate Middleton is glowing after giving birth to her third baby with HypnoBirthing technique! #birthing #hypnobirthing #katemiddleton #motherhood #labour #pregnancy

Positive affirmations :

You are asked to speak to your inner self affirmative thoughts as in “If I shall be calm, my baby will get relaxed” or “I need to relax, I’m birthing a new life” and so on. The negative words which enhances anxiety are not used, as in the word “Pain” is not used in HypnoBirthing. Words like “Waves, sensations” are used which takes your mind away from the extreme of anxiety and fear. They promote a woman to write down her fears and let them fly away far off with the balloon.

Sharing with you a beautiful video of Positive affirmations for Birth!

Breathing :

Breathing holds a special role in this technique. A slow and deep breathe helps a woman throughout the labour. The visualization here is inhaling the air, which means one is inflating the balloon full of energy and courage. The exhalation mimics deflating of the balloon with the baby getting pushed to come out of the womb. There are many more positive visualisation techniques practised, which diverts a woman’s mind and she enters a stage of calmness.

Support of Birthing Partner :

HypnoBirthing educates both a woman and her birthing partner. The positive affirmations, yoga, breathing exercises , all can be performed with the help of your birthing partner. The idea is to start early, so that when you come into labour, you are already into a comfort zone which makes the labour easier.

Soothing Environment :

Hey ya, you’re not ill, you’re becoming a mommy! So for birthing, opt for the place you are most comfortable with. Let the ambience be as you like it, wrt temperature, aroma, music. Have some soothing massage, engage in positive emotions, be mobile. All these will release more happy hormones and help in better labour.

Benefits of HypnoBirthing :

  1. Women opting for Hypnobirthing are very less likely to use pain killers and much lesser for epidural.
  2. Less pain and a good feel from within.
  3. A short first stage labour pain.
  4. Quick recovery after the birth due to less wear and tear.
  5. An aware Birthing partner with a firm birth plan.

So, its not just Kate Middleton, who has been cited to use HypnoBirthing, celebrities as Angelina Jolie and Jessica Alba have also been cited resorting to it. 

“Labour cannot be stronger than me, because it is ME! “

Cherish Motherhood! Simply because it is beautiful, not painful!






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