Importance of Family

Importance of family

Passionate Mum

A mother is a child’s entire world,

A mother’s love for her children never diminishes,

Even if her children are ready to take on the world,

She continues to be worried about them,

She teaches them all about life & how to live it.

Heroic daddy

Children look at their father with admiration,

Whatever work he does is to support the family & his children,

Whatever time he has after work is spent with his children,

He always works hard so that his children don’t have to,

He teaches his children all about the practical world.

Beloved Grandparents

The grandparents have stories & plenty of time to share,

They have seen the world change completely before their eyes,

One will learn from them about how simple things matter,

They emphasize on how small steps can turn into something big,

Their experience of life helps making decisions easy.

Love all!

We all need love & support in bad times,

When you feel that no one listens only your family does,

They are the only people who love you for what you are…

Cherish them while you have them,

When they are gone, life is never the same,

That’s why I say that family is truly a divine gift.


This post is written by a very young boy, Kumarpal Vardhan, who describes himself as passionate traveller, voracious reader, nature lover, Poet & Blogger. His beautiful poetry can be read here.


importance of family

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