Importance of Pre-primary education in Child development

Importance of Pre-primary education in Child development

The quantum of scientific researches on early brain development has indicated the importance of a child’s early years. Studies have reflected upon how early development affects mental and physical health, behavior, and personality in later life. The reason is that the brain grows at a massive speed [Ref1] from birth till 5years. By the age of 3years, a child’s brain is 80% the size of an adult and it reaches 90% by the age of 5. Though the brain keeps on developing till adulthood, the early years are the most crucial for a child. And this is why we need to understand the importance of Pre-Primary education or preschool in child development.

It is simple, the more stimulation a child receives in the early years, the more developed the parts of the brain would be. If you’ve observed your child’s progress closely, you would agree with this fact. As a mom, I have worked on my child’s cognitive stimuli and have observed the results too. Children who are exposed to various environments, and have been given pre-primary education, have improved social and emotional skills, better attention span, and fewer behavioral problems.

What is the importance of Pre-primary education for a child?

Being a parenting Blogger, parents often ask me about the importance of pre-primary education in a child’s development. Well, the benefits are humungous, if I need to cite.

1. Social and Emotional Development:

A child gets the most-needed social environment, to strengthen up their social skills. Preschoolers learn to interact, work as a team, make friends, be respectful, share and care. Children learn to identify “self”, their belongings, acknowledge their emotions, and develop peer-to-peer connections. All these activities are important for a child’s emotional health and wellbeing.

2. Playful development:

On a very honest note, we cannot provide a child with as many opportunities for holistic development as a good preschool can provide. Playing in the sand, pretend plays, role plays activities like art and crafts, coloring, shoe lacing, are all important for the development of their gross and fine motor skills, under an experienced educator.

3. Linguistic and cognitive skills:

Children are introduced to a new set of vocabulary in the school settings. They get opportunities to recite, present, tell stories, sing songs and all this helps them not just with oratory and linguistic skills but also helps them develop confidence.

4. Readiness for formal education:

Pre-Primary education makes children ready for formal schooling. Discipline, listening to the teacher, waiting for your turn, helping each other, following the directions and routine, all help children to settle easily in the Primary classes.

5. Academics:

A very important part to be ready for Primary education is getting introduced to pre-literacy and pre-math skills. Learning phonics and academics playfully help a child explore his/her interests.

How to select a Preschool for your child?

Well, once you know the importance of Pre-primary education, the next most important question for a new parent is the selection of the right Pre-Primary school for your child. You can check out this post on choosing the Best Preschool for your child. These are the most important years and you don’t wanna make any compromise for your child’s early education.

Factors that should be considered while choosing a preschool are Educational approach, growth opportunities, infrastructure, school proximity, teacher: child ratio, safety rules. One such Best Pre-primary school which ticks the checklist of a parent is “Orchids The International School”.

Highlights of Orchids The International School:

Orchids is a complete K-12 school, right from Pre-Primary till Grade 12th. They’re a chain of 41+ International schools, spread across 7 cities.

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1. EYP, Early Years Program:

They have a separate EYP program for the students of Pre-Nursery, Nursery, K1, K2, Grade I, and Grade II. This helps students with focussed learning and early developmental opportunities. You can check out the Early Years program School admission online.

2. Scientifically proven Learning:

They adopt a mix of proven contemporary teaching methods for young learners as Montessori, Play-way, Waldorf theory, and more. These methods deal in child development via constructive and playful activities and various explorations. It makes learning a vibrant experience for young learners.

3. Hands-On learning:

Orchid’s EYP program focuses a lot on “Do and discover”, which motivates children to ask their questions, share their ideas and promote independent thinking. Their courses provide hands-on learning like skits, events, presentations for experiential learning.

4. Academics:

They have a highly interactive program, with a focus on storytelling and reading, promoting a child to think out of the box. They use audio and visual teaching aids, tactile learning with a multi-sensory approach.

5. Extra-curricular subjects:

Young learners are exposed to Music, Dance, Art and craft, theatre, sports, physical education, public speaking, and much more for holistic development.

6. Safety:

One of the most critical factors for a parent to consider is the safety of their child. OTIS has best-in-class safety features as GPS-enabled buses, classrooms without locks, complete CCTV surveillance, female staff till Grade 5, and more!

With zero admission fee, you can read more about OTIS, The Neighbourhood school here, and even check out the school admission process.

If you’re looking for the best primary school near me, or CBSE school admissions, then check out more about Orchids the International School for a holistic early development of your child.


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    Yes primary education play an important role in child’s overall development and for parents, it is a big responsibility to select a right primary school for their kids. I had heard a lot about orchid school, when I had visited India last time. seems like a great option for providing quality education to our kids.


    Yes, I agree that primary education is the stepping stone for a kid’s educational life and it helps in the overall development. It’s one of the biggest and vital decisions for parents when they need to select the best primary school for their kids.

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