Instagram Challenges: Time to use it sanely!

Instagram Challenges: Time to use it sanely!

Instagram Challenges: Are we in a fake world?

Every teen, every brand wants to be on “Instagram”, gaining those thousands of followers, with the tag of “Perfectionism”. Well, was this the real logic when Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom back in 2012? Wasn’t it supposed to be a friendly platform for sharing your stories to the world? Or was it introduced to give a magnanimous rise to the heavily photoshopped world? So, let me admit, I’m also on Instagram and it won’t hurt me if you would share me a heart!

[I don’t use makeup, I have dark circles [under my eyes], I don’t have that perfect figure and belly. I’m a mom, but not a supermom or a superwoman! I know people judge me, but still, I’m happy with what I am]

Instagram does look like a happy place, but is it all about wearing fancy clothes and posing? Is it all about highly morphed and presented “so-called – Good food”? Is it all about traveling and relaxing at the most beautiful beaches? Are we really raising that bar within us and in our lives?

Is Instagram driving you crazy and dragging you into comparisons, changing your lifestyle and also making you jealous? Then you need to limit those feelings #instagram #anxiety #instagramanxiety #depression #lifestyle #mommyblogger #socialmedia #happiness

Is Instagram getting too taxing?

Whoa, she has those perfect curves, a body to die for. She’s so lean, all the outfits look so classy man. I wish, I had this body”. And this is what is seen, charismatic and seductive outfits and overall glam look! One does feel like, Wow, she has an amazing life! [But Really?]

Those smokey eyes are extremely impressive, that skin tone is giving major beauty goals. Does that sadness grips in, with the feeling of Ah! Just that I had such a skin. Well, Did you know how many layers of makeup have been applied to get that look? Just think, does she looks the same way she gets up in the morning?

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What happens, when such Instagram feeds challenge you in real life?

  • That beautiful feed coaxes you into “I-too want” that scenario.
  • When that “Fake lifestyle” prompts you to “copy without brains”.
  • And the “real couple moments” are converted into “Instagram favored moments” for a worthy shot! [Just glance, did you really enjoy those moments, or you were busy getting those shots]
  • When a simple veggie salad is made glam for a perfect Instagram shot, but the real taste seems missing [ you are still tempted to quote it as the best-ever-salad]

Now lemme question, Who are you really loving? The real you or the morphed you? If you are loving the second part, its high time that you change your outlook towards Instagram. We all love beautifully curated feeds, they are a sheer pleasure to eyes. And that glorifies Instagram as a lucrative social media. Don’t let it bluff your life else the real pain will seep in slowly and gradually.

Mental Anxiety grips in:

Why are we running to get the tag of perfectionism? Did you ever think, the feed you drool over has ever shown you the other side of their lives, apart from the glossy smiling happy pictures? Did you ever get a glance at the real-life struggles they’ve faced? Everyone has their share, and its completely one’s choice to share it or not. But what I want to say here is let not someone’s lifestyle get your life uprooted.

Copy the things with pride which makes you feel happy from the core. But don’t try to morph yourself for this virtual world. Change for yourself and your loved ones, but not for your feed! These consistent Lifestyle comparisons will only lead to Mental anxiety and Mental Illness. A lot of researches have already proven an increase in Anxiety and Depression in women, because of Instagram!

Let it be a truly happy and revolutionary platform.

Is Instagram driving you crazy and dragging you into comparisons, changing your lifestyle and also making you jealous? Then you need to limit those feelings #instagram #anxiety #instagramanxiety #depression #lifestyle #mommyblogger #socialmedia #happiness

Loss of Real Relations :

Let me share a real fiasco: After the courtship of a year, they got married. The lady had a life high on Instagram and she wanted a big fat Instagram worthy wedding. She wanted to be much better than the trending ones. She manages and it goes great! For their honeymoon, she scrolled and envisioned the poses, locations, to showcase the prolific life after marriage. Their whole honeymoon was a visual treat which made people sense “How happy the couple is”!

But what about HIM? He felt the real pangs, there was no emotional connect, no real love. Everything was framed. Shoot, post, scroll for likes and comments, that was what his honeymoon looked like!

Few days down the line and they were separated!

Are we really ignoring our true relations and just wanting moments crafted for Instagram? Why, does this virtual world means so much that we have sidelined our own loved ones? I need not write anything, close your eyes and give it an honest thought.

I would just say don’t lose real people for the sake of gaining the virtual ones!

Body Shaming and Body Negativity :

A few days back, I came across a profile from the UK, where a mom was flaunting bikini. Okay, she had those flab’s, she didn’t have a perfect lean body. But she chose to put the picture, as she would have felt great. But people didn’t stop to troll her.

“Get that figure first to wear a bikini”

“You need to work out hard girl, go on a Keto diet”

Did it disturb me? Yes, it did. 

It’s her choice to wear whatever she wants. What really matters is that she is comfortable, why is this virtual world judging her? Did she ask any one’s suggestions? Body negativity and shaming is spreading like a forest fire and Hola! we need to stop that! Right now.

Further, let not Body Negativity seep in. Different poses and angles, various flattering positions and light effects make stomach look flatter and legs longer and leaner. Remember those are fake poses. Accept the way your body is. Just remember, you need to feel healthy and if you do, then love your body the way it is! 

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Let’s make Instagram a step closer to Reality:

I’ve ensured to keep myself away from most of these beautiful feeds created just for the gram. I see myself very close to what is real and what is supportive. I might also be guilty of trying to pose at times [though I don’t get it right, lol]. But, I have set certain benchmarks for a happy Mental and Social health!

Remember, No one in this world has a perfectly happy life. Everyone has their own shares of high and low, well, that’s how chakra’s keep every single person balanced. You may or may not get a chance to see that, but believe me, that’s the science behind Astrology and Karma!

Stop Comparing! Forget Perfectionism!

Stop judging a person via Instagram feed!

Start Listening to Inner Voice! Be the real you, and not how the world wants to see you!

Lead the life you want [with your loved ones], rather than the life you want others to see!

Nurture your relations giving them ample time and moments,

Don’t shun them for the sake of creating a “New You”

Do what you feel is the best for your inner soul and not for this not-so-real world!

Let Instagram be the platform to trigger small changes. Let it be a place where you can read real stories and follow those, who can create a “real positive impact” and help you in your journey! This is an inspirational media, use it judiciously.

Much Love,

A Mom next door,



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  1. Preeti Chauhan

    Instagram has the same drawbacks as Facebook.One really needs to have a realistic approach before processing the images.

  2. Roma

    I agree to the false image insta creates for the people who are addicted to it, seems like misuse sometimes and wish there can be a way yo correct this scenario

  3. Alpana Deo

    Kudos to you for writing on this topic. I joined Instagram only last year and believe me I never felt less about not having and Insta account. Today in general social media is taking charge or our lives. Instagram in particular has become the need. As you said everything looks so perfect on social media and if someone is posting a real/natural pic, we see them mentioning no filters used. Seriously, why do we need filters and why so we have to be perfect all the time. Can’t we be real? There is a lot more to say about it. but I am very happy that you wrote a very relevant post

  4. I agree with u, Instagram shows a world too good to be true. Perfect beauty, unimaginable number of clothes n an indomitable want for limelight. N social networking in general are making us lose real relationships.

  5. Amrita

    Instagram is way over rated and I honestly cant keep up with it.Some great advice here to stay sane and keep going.

  6. Sayeri

    Yes I am an instagrammer too and honestly what I feel, life was better without smart phone, fb and instagram. I really miss my old days. Life was simple without any show off

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