International Women’s Day : Story of a Woman Artist

International Women’s Day : Story of a Woman Artist

Interviewing an Artist on International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day is here and its time that we share the journey of some incredible women with you.

I don’t like to gamble, but if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet on, it’s myself.” — Beyoncé

And, its that confidence on self that builds up a woman of substance in this world. I truly feel today that the success of one woman should be an inspiration of another, isn’t it? It’s time that we raise each other, with commendable support. On these lines, around International Women’s Day, we’ll be sharing the story of Swati Pasari, a Pranic Healer, a Painter, and an artist!

Swati’s Art Brand, Soulink, took shape in 2007 and she held her first exhibition in the year 2008. Her artworks are mostly painted in bright and colorful hues which instantly radiate happiness and peace. Through her art, she believes in spreading an aura of peace, happiness and most importantly positivity.

Featuring Artist Swati Pasari with her radiant paintings emanating love and positivity this International Women's day 2019. Let's celebrate womanhood #womensday #internationalwomensday #happywomensday #swaipasari #artist #paintings #socialworker #women

Here is all that she wants to share with the readers :

1. Share with us a little about yourself, about your growing up, your inspiration?

I always had an inclination towards art since my childhood, but it was during my college days that I realized I wanted to pursue art professionally instead of business. Art not only allows me to express myself but also completes me. It is my passion, my calling.

2. You completed your Business studies, so what provoked you towards Pranic Healing and Paintings, instead of opting for family business /corporate jobs?

I completed my business studies from Australia. Though I hail from a business family and also studied business, I realized that my passion was art. Once I heeded that call, there was no looking back. I always had a strong spiritual sense and that somehow lead me to take up pranic healing. Being pranic healer in turn, influenced my art a lot.

3. What has been your most touching and emotional moment as an artist?

 For any artist, the most memorable moment is the one when people acknowledge your talent. Nothing could be as rewarding as that experience when your hard work, passion and talent is acknowledged by the people.

Well, its rightly said that, Art is not what you see, but what you make others see ~Edgar Degas

4. We heard that you’re also supporting needy people, can you throw some light on your activities?

 I believe that a life well-lived is a life lived for others. I have a deep connection to the city of Varanasi and visit a school regularly and also contribute to a hospital there. Through my art, I aim to raise funds which will be used for the benefits of those who need it.

Featuring Artist Swati Pasari with her radiant paintings emanating love and positivity this International Women's day 2019. Let's celebrate womanhood #womensday #internationalwomensday #happywomensday #swaipasari #artist #paintings #socialworker #women

5. What does your work aim to say?

 My works focus on the themes of spirituality, stillness and natural beauty. Through my works, I seek to bring positivity and spread happiness all around. I do not begin any painting with a thought in mind, instead, I let my emotions flow and somehow everything that I want to convey find their place on the canvas.

6. Who are your biggest influencers?

 My biggest influencers are subjects, rather than people. I’m heavily influenced by Indian mythology and spirituality. My artworks always express subjects that influence me the most.

7. Do you still practice Pranic Healing? If yes, throw some light on how is it really helpful?

Yes, I do practice Pranic Healing. It has been very helpful to me because it helps me bring out my innermost feelings to the canvas. Pranic healing is all about understanding energy patterns and the exchange of energies. It does wonder in boosting my creativity.

8. Do you also teach budding artists also?

Not right now, but maybe. Who knows!

9. What are the unique aspects of your creations? How would you differentiate your work from others?

 My works are highly introspective. Instead of having a fixed theme in mind, I let the brush do the talking…or painting. I let my feelings flow on the canvas. This makes my art highly subjective, yes, but it also allows the viewer to find meaning for themselves in the painting. They need to discover the meaning for themselves.

Featuring Artist Swati Pasari with her radiant paintings emanating love and positivity this International Women's day 2019. Let's celebrate womanhood #womensday #internationalwomensday #happywomensday #swaipasari #artist #paintings #socialworker #women #buddhapainting #buddha

10. You have done many exhibitions too. Share us the most memorable one and why that exhibition is close to you.

Participating in exhibitions has been a huge learning experience. The most memorable experience has been Value Beyond Exhibition, held in Chennai, July 2018. This exhibition is close to me because I have some very special memories about it.

11. You heard your heart and took your passion of becoming an artist, what would you like to say to the budding women of India?

I’m quite happy that I heard my heart. You can never go wrong when you heed your heart’s call. To all budding women of India, I’ll just say this: believe in yourself and your dreams and let nothing stop you from achieving that.

Her work looks incredible and her urge to spread happiness around is definitely a reflection of a beautiful and happy soul of an artist. We’re absolutely rejoicing the radiance her work emits. You can connect with Swati on Instagram and follow my handle for many such interesting stories.

Stay ahead, Love yourself, and do what your heart says!

Happy International Women’s Day! Keep celebrating Womanhood!

Much Love,



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  1. It always makes me feel happy reading about woman achievers. I feel so inspired . Thank you for sharing this

  2. Preeti Chauhan

    The art work by Swati has a strong positivism and spirituality to it .I am glad that you chose a strong and talented woman like Swati Pasari as part of celebrating womanhood on Woman’s day .

  3. Shilpa Garg

    Swati’s life story is awe-inspiring. And that she is doing so well at such an young age is super cool too. Like her bright and colorful artworks.

  4. I have always believed that the strength of a woman is in her ability to emote. In an edge that is into artificial intelligence, only pathos can make you stand apart. Wonderful n inspiring post. #Happywomensday

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