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Khilonewala – Toys on Rent for Kids in India!

Hey Mama’s and Papa’s, Wishing kids a very Happy Children’s Day!!

Renting out toys and books : Hey Mama's and Papa's, have you succumbed to the ever increasing demand of kids for toys, games and colorful story books? Are you burning your pockets too frequently only to see kids getting bored in 10-15 days with their new games? Then you need to check on India's No.1 Toy Library "Khilonewala"! Read on a "must-have" service for Parents and Kids right now. An answer to - Where to rent toys and books in India

Few months back, one of the parent in my kid’s school got a Spiderman figure for her son while dispersal and as an the icing, she got 2 for him. Wow, that came as a candid surprise to me, as I saw my 3yo hopping, to somehow take one from his senior friend. I know kids are possessive and so I had to somehow avert and persuade him so that we could return back home. Covering that 1km stretch was a nightmare as my son consistently jumped, cried, howled for the desire of that Spiderman. He suddenly turned wild!

So, I had no option, but to order one, right in the night, and he got it the next day. It’s really awesome to see kids smiling.

Then, we went to a farm house and he enjoyed bow & arrow, gun shooting for the first time. What next, Bow and arrow, were his demands. Spiderman was out of his mind, rather he told me to return the Spiderman figure back, How mean! The more he explored and played, the more demands grew. Every week, there was some new toy/game being asked for. But it was burning our pockets too much and also making our kid more demanding. He assumed that his all demands will be fulfilled, no matter what.

From where to rent best toys and books in India : Hey Mama's and Papa's, have you succumbed to the ever increasing demand of kids for toys, games and colorful story books? Are you burning your pockets too frequently only to see kids getting bored in 10-15 days with their new games? Then you need to check on India's No.1 Toy Library "Khilonewala"! Read on a "must-have" service for Parents and Kids right now. An answer to - Where to rent toys and books in India

We wanted a balanced approach and hence started looking out for some feasible options. Sooner, we put a full stop on toy rental servicing companies. While this search, we were fascinated by one of the best Toy renting brand, KhilonewalaKhilonewala bring smiles by giving Toys on Rent. They have the best kids library and rent toys, games and even share books on rent for kids. They have this intriguing concept of Online toy and books library for children in the age bracket of 1-12 years.

Khilonewala, appealed a mama, let me share you why :

Renting out toys and games for children in India : Hey Mama's and Papa's, have you succumbed to the ever increasing demand of kids for toys, games and colorful story books? Are you burning your pockets too frequently only to see kids getting bored in 10-15 days with their new games? Then you need to check on India's No.1 Toy Library "Khilonewala"! Read on a "must-have" service for Parents and Kids right now. An answer to - Where to rent toys and books in India

  1. An awesome collection and range of Toys, Games, Books. Few of the names, I must mention are – Wooden Toys, Card Games, Strategy Games, Riders, Blocks, Puzzles, and even Outdoor Games as Sports Golf, Kids tunnel and tent and many more. They can be taken on rent even if you are planning to have a birthday party/outing at any venue. Yes, Khilonewala also gives party toys on rent.
  2. Further, I was happy since they had more than 50 National and International brands for the Games and Toys. Ranging from Fisher Price to Hot Wheels to Chicco, Disney Barbie, Leap Frog and more, they seemed to have more brands than what I knew:).
  3. They have an online catalogue of more than 500 Toys, Games and Books. You can choose toys on rent, basis the centre (location of  your toy delivery), age of the child, category of games you wish to have in your kit.
  4. Convenient Toy Renting membership plans with the options of  Monthly/Quarterly/Half Yearly. The  kits are circulated twice a month (in a gap of 15days) with COD option available.
  5. The best thing is that the Door delivery & Pick up (Toy Kit Exchange, 2 times in a Month) is free in most of the locations
  6. Before the delivery, every toy requested for rent in the kit, is cleaned and sanitised as a basic hygiene factor, a big thumbs up!

What do you need to do to avail the Toys on Rent with Khilonewala?

It is really simple, opt for any of their Membership Plan for your nearest centre as per your kids age. Make a Wishlist of Toys from their online catalogue, and here, you will receive the toy kit delivered at our doorstep every 2 weeks. Also don’t worry in case you don’t get time to choose the toys for child , Khilonewala Centre will send the age appropriate Toy Kit for your little one . Fantastic, isn’t it? I’m sure, our kids will be running out for that every knock or the door bells from now on:)

How will it help you as a parent and your child?

toys and books on Rent in India :Hey Mama's and Papa's, have you succumbed to the ever increasing demand of kids for toys, games and colorful story books? Are you burning your pockets too frequently only to see kids getting bored in 10-15 days with their new games? Then you need to check on India's No.1 Toy Library "Khilonewala"! Read on a "must-have" service for Parents and Kids right now. An answer to - Where to rent toys and books in India

Well, that is a win-win situation and an end to continuous melodrama’s of kids. Khilonewala’s Toy renting services are impressive, since kids can explore the world of amazing Toys , Games, Books all the more now. While from market we can purchase one toy averaging Rs 500 – 600, but in same or lesser amount you can get Khilonewala’s one month’s membership (with 2 Toy kits exchange), where your child will enjoy Toys and Books worth Rs.5000 – 6000. Your child’s interest, imaginations, creativity, skills will surely expanded due to the diverse range of the toys/games/books available on rent.

Let’s not limit kids, rather move out and give them the exposure of the broad range of learning games available. Let the parties be no more boring, as you can get party games as well, with Khilonewala.

  • You will be a happy being now and have all the space in your house. Your kid can have fun, learn new skills, develop more areas of interest and that too without needing a permanent large space for the games. It is a great way to make your home clutter free and get toys and books in rotation.
  • Yes, It is a huge money saver.  We spend close to Rs 2000 – 3000 per month on our kid’s games, and on his learning skills. This membership shall for sure be a boon to parents like us.
  • Getting and reading different story books can help your child develop cognitive skills.  Story books help so much in vocabulary, exploring the world, and yes they are too fascinating for adults as well.
  • Kids shall get new games, toys, books once every 2 week and hola! Kids will be on the cloud nine, always waiting for their new kit to give a knock at their door.
  • Fun with learning and reading helps in engaging kids in a positive environment.
  • They have a good reach and are continuously expanding their footprints. With more than 50 centres in 35 cities, they are ready to give a knock at your door soon!

Khilonewala Franchise – for Mompreneurs :

Apart from that, they also have lucrative toy renting Franchise options for Mompreneurs / Part Time business seeker’s.  With their Low Investment, High Return, Zero Royalty Model, it is attracting many entrepreneurs in Tier I and II cities. The Khilonewala franchise can very well be started from the comfort of  your home.  All you need is a just 2-3 hours a day, a small space of around 200 sq ft at home or shop and a small investment of close to INR 3.5 to 4 Lacs and you can become a proud owner of Khilonewala Franchise centre.  Beside above things you must have passion to excel in life,  flair to do something innovative and last but not the least Love for kids!

They give you the support in terms of supplying the entire range of Toys, Games, Books, Business Stationary, Training, Marketing Material, Launch and Business development support . What more can you expect with ZERO Royalty?  You are bringing smile on the face of a child, that get’s you the biggest royalty in the world!

So why not opt for that happiness kit for your kids and plan a franchisee yourself ? Read more/ contact them more for getting toys on rent or you can plan for the franchise as well.

Happy Parenting Creative Kids!

  1. xtineloves

    Love what u are doing here such a great reading, food for thought for my cousins and my mums friends, keep being u , actually reading rest of blog now haha love it xxxxx


  2. Rose

    I think this is a great idea. We all have kids with toys. We have also seen our kids become bored sometimes quicker then other times with their toys. So to pick up and give back saves not only space but the kids will be happier with the change.

  3. Emma

    I’m actually a bit split on this one. I love the idea of the service and think it is a brilliant idea, but if my children started demanding toys then they wouldn’t get them and I would be quite disappointed in their behaviour. I think it is important for them to realise just how lucky they are to have toys at all, to appreciate what they have, to teach them that they have to work for things in life and also to encourage them to use their imagination.

  4. bugbeeandme

    This is actually pretty interesting. Once my kids get tired of their toys, they usually get stored in the garage or donated to goodwill. I wonder if there are any of these programs in the US!

  5. Evelyn | PathofPresence.com

    What a wonderful idea to rent toys. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to haul my toys to goodwill or give them away. Thank you for opening my eyes to this! Love the option to franchise – if you are into it, why not make it a biz, right ? ❤

  6. jenn224

    What a fantastic idea of renting toys! This is a win-win for everyone with parents happy not to be spending a lot of money and kids getting new things to play with.

  7. Preeti tiwari

    It’s really a great idea… Even my kids also get bored from their expensive toys and after a month I search for space to keep it, it’s the best way to introduce new toys to kids without any space worries.

    1. Jhilmil

      Actually, My kid forced me to buy him a spiderman costing me 700/- and didnt play with it for more than 2 days! what a waste of those bucks, hence renting toys with Khilonewala was a great idea !

  8. Minakshi Bajpai

    I just love the idea of renting toys and games. It actually amazing and i am sure many parents would love to try these. Its really useful for parents to save money and for kids to enjoy or play more or different toys. Fabulous idea and thanks for sharing about this khilonewala

    1. Jhilmil

      Yea, I to loved their concept, very cost effective and with huge range. You can suggest to your friends in Ghaziabad or at any of their franchise outlets to experience their services for kids!

  9. Aine Mulloy

    Gosh! Not sure how I feel on this – yep rental is great for parents, and environment, we definitely didn’t get new things on demand or all the time. It was usually just birthdays and things like that.

    1. Jhilmil

      Yea, definitely but kids these days are smarter and get bored off so easily wishing new toys all the time. Actually parents just burn out pockets, hence I personally loved this concept by Khilonewala!

  10. sassi479

    WOW…this in an interesting idea! I have never heard of renting toys! I’m a mom of two boys so this seems like a great idea. I’ll be sure to check it out further! Thanks for sharing!

  11. beyoubestrong24

    This really is an awesome idea! I have boxes upon boxes of toys I donate every year, toys I am buying by sacrificing other things. Although the idea that we can’t have everything we want is good to teach. My in law gets a lot of second hand stuff for cheap, but now my kids always expect something when they go over. Its so hard to find thw middle grou d.

  12. Ola Broom

    I love the idea of renting toys for kids. Some kids in the U.S. have way too many toys, and they don’t even want to play with half of them. They just like to see them sprawled all over the floor. LOL!

  13. alisonrost

    I sure with they would have had a service like when my kids were little, because we too dealt with just what you’re describing. Back then, there were a group of us moms who swapped toys every now and then, which helped to keep the toy box fresh. I really like Khilonewala because they have a really nice mix of toys like puzzles and games, and many that are educational as well. x

  14. Aditya

    For future generations, a toy library. I know one toy library as well. But I love the idea of this concept. And every different child will play with same toy but the fun will be double.

  15. hdpreeti

    It is such a great initiative ,because I really feel bad buying expensive toys and then the child either gets bored soon or damages them , this way they can have more toys with less expense .

  16. chloelifeunexpected

    Toy libraries and toys to rent sounds like such a fab idea! We never give into my daughters demands for a new toy. We don’t want her growing up spoilt and demanding, but appreciative of everything she has so she understands hard work and that things don’t just appear. She has limited toys and if she gets bored or wants something, we try and get her to get creative by making things instead. I do love the idea of renting toys though. Especially while they are going through phases of wanting to learn new things. They grow out of toys so quickly, it’s a better way than investing in things that won’t be played with. 🙂

  17. Shilpa Gupte

    That is such a wonderful concept, Jhilmil! Good for the kids that they will now have variety of toys and books to choose and play/read. Good for the parents too.. Easier on their pockets!

  18. Scotch & Stilettos

    I think this is such a great idea! I remember there was a you library I used to go to as a child in my hometown and it was great because you could play with new and educational toys but it didn’t cost anything for Parents and nothing got cluttered at home.

  19. Dreaming Loud

    This is a wonderful service! It’s perfect for my niece. She gets bored of toys every easily. My sister in law hides her toys and try to rotate and give her to play so she thinks it’s new. I am going to send this link to her. Thanks for sharing the info

  20. Flossie

    What a fabulous, genius idea!!! I SO wish we had something like this near us! The best we can do in my neck of the woods is swapping toys at a children’s resale event 🙂

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