Kids Colourful Wall art!

Colourful wall art for kids

Developing Creativity and Imaginations!

It is of prime importance to help kids develop their imaginations and express it out. One such activity, I performed with my kid (3year) yesterday was “Colourful wall Art”. He was so excited! When ever it is some “activity time” for him, suddenly he becomes the most adorable kid respecting his mum like never before, lol.

Well, it was a messy time, we planned, and so I did not get along any brush for him. I wanted some sensory touch, rather a visual sensory experience for him.

Materials Required :

Creating wall art

  1. Colour tubs : I used Faber Castell water colours here. Since they are non toxic and harmless to delicate hands of lil munchkins, I prefer them over others.
  2. Mixing colour plate : To mix out and make secondary colours
  3. Bird cut outs : I got some 5-7 bird cut outs from a thick art sheet
  4. Goggly Eyes
  5. Glue Dots
  6. Messy sheet, since this ought to be a messy activity.

How we went making the Wall Art :

Wall art and craft for kids

  1. We took bird shape cut outs one at a time and my preschooler coloured it using both his hands. Using both hands helps in development of right and left both sides of the brain. He let his thumb and index finger into the colours and dabbed it. Then he tried making circular patterns to colour the white bird. He smiled and cheered, yes he was enjoying.
  2. We made some 4 birds, some with one colour, some mixing different colours. Then let the colour dry for 5minutes.
  3. Once dried,  he put googly eyes on the bird (wherever he wanted;)). I thought I will find eyes in the tail, some in the body. But oh my, he put them all correctly.
  4. Now, we were ready for our colourful wall art.

Decorating wall with colourful birds :

  1. What we needed were just glue drops. Applying the glue drops to the bird, my son went on arranging them on the wall.
  2. I asked what pattern you wish to make and he said, I’ll draw straight line out of 4 birds. Well he did that, sticking one bird on top of another.

Our wall was ready and we moved towards our story telling and informative session related to our colourful birds.

Why not catch on creative cardboard / popsicle craft activity for kids.

Developmental Skills from this colourful activity : For Toddlers, preschoolers

  1. Sensory activation : Since there was no brush, so all the colouring was in the form of making impressions / dabbing/ smearing across. Painting using hands, fingers helps a child get visual and sensory experience. (It will be messy, let that be)
  2. Cognitive : Decision making involves type of bird, colouring it up, forming different shapes. Identifying the beak, tail, feathers for bird was another one. We explained how the birds looked, some were small, some big, some were in a flying position and so on.
  3. Colour : It was a good colour revision and we even made out secondary colours from the primary ones. We made “Brown” colour mixing Red and green and decided to make a tree trunk out of it for next art:)
  4. Creativity : After designing the art, we did a small informative session, in which discovered some 3-4 birds near our house. We figured, tried to copy how they chirped , colours they had and so on. We even ended with a story telling session, narrating the story of “Dove and an Ant”.

Time Involved :

Preparation : 10 minutes (cutting out bird shapes and readying the requisites)

Making time (colouring + pasting) : 20-25 minutes, while chatting, singing with the bird theme.

And in just 30-35 minutes, there come s a “Happy baby”, highly energetic to share it with his friends!

Try it out with your child and I’m sure, they will love doing this activity. Let them be messy, allow their creativity!

Be creative,


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