Mango Panna – Refreshing Mango Drink!

Its summer & the world is relishing Mango’s and so are the kids! So here comes a really yummy “My Mom’s Mango Panna recipe”, a bracing drink to keep the summer heat away:).

Benefits of Mango Panna:

Its not just a yummy and refreshing drink in itself, but it also has the properties to beat the summer heat! It prevents loss of basic salts [sodium chloride] and iron due to sweating in summers. Apart from being a rich source of vitamin B & C, it is also great for intake while having gastrointestinal disorders.

Mango Panna - Mango Summer Drink

Ingredients & Quantity for Mango Panna:

1. Unripe Green Mango (known as Kairi in India) – 2 -3 medium sized

Don’t take the Ripe Mango for it [Image of Unripe Mango as shared above for reference]

2. Sugar / Jaggery –  2 big food spoon Sugar / Jaggery basis the sweetness

[You can keep it less initially & add more once the Panna is ready & you feel that it is less sweet basis your taste]

3. Dried Mint – 1/2 Tea spoon

4. Fresh Mint leaves – 5-6

6. Black grounded Mustard seeds – 1/4 Tea spoon

7. Grounded asafoetida in a pinch of ghee – 1/4 Tea spoon asafoetida

8. Grounded Cumin seeds – 1/2 tea spoon

9. Black Salt – 1/2 tea spoon

10. White Salt – 1/2 tea spoon

11.Ice cubes

*Salt & Sugar can be added according to the taste required, extra sweet – salty/normal. I personally love medium sweet & salty.

Preparation :

4 -5 glasses of Refreshing Mango Panna or Aam panna drink

Preparation time :


  • Boiling Unripe Green mango – 15 Min
  • Preparation of Panna – 15 Min

Mango Panna Recipe :

Mango Panna - Aam Panna recipe
Refreshing Drink
  1. Wash the unripe mango thoroughly.
  2. Boil the Unripe green mango [kairi] for 10-15minutes till it becomes soft to peel off & remove the pulp.
  3. Let it cool in the water present in the cooker & remove the green mango cover by segregating the pulp. Keep the pulp in the cooker with water & let it cool for next 5minutes.
  4. Add the watery pulp in the Mixi jar and add Sugar/Jaggery to it.
  5. Blend it so that it becomes smooth thick flowing liquid.
  6. Pour the smooth blend into the cooker or utensil & add all the dry items as – both black & white salt, Grounded mustard seeds, dried mint, grounded cumin seeds.
  7. Take little ghee in table spoon & put the pinch of asafoetida in it. Heat it for 20 seconds over the gas burner directly and put it immediately in the blended pulp.
  8. Stir it thoroughly & taste the thick syrup once for salt & sugar. Incase you find it less add some more and refrigerate it for next 2-3hours.
  9. Once cooled, fill 1/4th glass with this thick syrup and rest add cool water to it. Stir it & an amazing glass of Mango panna is ready for you & your lil one to relish.
  10. This Mango Panna can be served by adding 2-3 fresh mint leaves on the top for a fresh flavor.

Points :

Since it is made of Unripe green mangoes, it will add a tinge of sourness in the drink which really gives an invigorating taste to the Panna. Believe on me, it is really yummy. 

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Sip and Relish! Let me know if this recipe worked out for you & kids, did they enjoy sipping it?

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