Micronutrients: The Building Blocks for Healthy Growth of Infants

Time to focus on Micronutrients for kids!

Importance of Micronutrients for children

Here is some ‘food for thought’ – it is time you put some thought on the food your little one consumes as a part of his/her daily diet. Food choices have a profound influence on your child’s health, and negligence can result in adverse outcomes, such as micronutrient deficiency.
In present times, micronutrient deficiency is a serious challenge to an infant’s mental and physical health. The deficiency is caused due to a lack of essential vitamins and minerals in your baby’s diet. Inadequate amounts of micronutrients weaken the immune system of a child making him/her more susceptible to infections. Furthermore, these health risks are also the biggest causes of growth delay in children, around the world. It is a matter of grave concern and therefore, requires immediate attention by parents and/or caregivers, to avoid the situation.

Our Role :

Parents play an important role in the growth years of a baby, by making choices on behalf of them. So, they should be very cautious while making the food choices, for their newborn baby. Your choices will directly affect their growth and development. Hence, a smart and wise approach is required here. Choose foods that have an appropriate balance of macro and micronutrients, according to the requirement of your baby, which you can comprehend in a proper manner, after consulting a pediatrician.

Right sources of micronutrients :

Once you know the requirements, it is time to include the right sources of these micronutrients in your child’s diet. For example – milk and milk products are good sources of calcium, whereas, chicken, beef and yoghurt are rich in zinc. Apart from these, food supplements or formula foods are also good choices to feed the baby. The key is to distribute these, in different meals for your baby, throughout the day. Zinc and vitamin A play an important role in proper functioning and strengthening of the immune system, while calcium is required for stronger bones and support growth and development. Similarly, each micronutrient has a different and crucial part to play in your baby’s growing years. Try to keep each
meal as healthy as possible while also maintaining variety in the food choices. The first three years are the most important for proper growth of your baby, and it is when they require maximum care and attention. The efforts made during this time will benefit the child, for many years to come.

Be a smart parent and make the right choices for your child, to support his healthy growth.


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