Moms you are Great! Happy Mothers day

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Lonely trails!!

happy Mothers day
That bonding!

Gods bestows each one of us with special powers, some of which gets exposed, while some remains hidden throughout the life in our heart. Some become the strength of our life, while rest gets deep buried inside! All credit to “Mom”, who ensures that the seeds sown grow into a strong sturdy sweet fruit bearing tree. This story is of a Mom & Son, as a mark of respect to all “Mothers” on this special day! Happy Mothers Day moms!

It is a story of GOD’s very own special child, a very dear friend of mine. Exactly shared out of his golden heart & mind.

I had a chance to closely watch & understand them, their ambitions, hopes & outlook for life. It pains to see how the world treats them. It’s really agonizing to see ignorance towards their hopes, a confidence of normals that these special ambitions are bound to be defeated & overpowered. But when these powers are nurtured with immense love, these special people can reach zenith surpassing the “So Normals”.

When Ignorance rose!

I met him when he was a 4 year old kid. Although 4 year old, but the mind & acts were that of a 2 year old kid. Full of innocence & smile. His presence made us lively & full of happiness. Little did he knew that he was not growing normally. But since early years he had a persistent quality to be independent. He hated when his closed ones kept him within boundaries, for the fear something wrong towards him. He never longed for any support which he used to get. It was this seed of self confidence sown very early, which has made him grow much higher than a common man. He is a man full of flowing love towards the needy & with high hopes to take his “Downs Syndrome/Special kids community” to an altogether different levels.

He had a fighter Mom by his side. A mom who acknowledged his syndrome but wanted a normal life for him, which was not that easy. Every step he walked through started bearing cracks, which made it difficult for him to crawl even.

Schools denied admission normal class as per his age!

Kids started teasing him over cricket matches!

Aunties started ignoring him & asked kids not to get close terming him as “mental”!

An innocent mind couldn’t  fathom out the differential behaviour of all. Until a day, he questioned his mom- “I love playing & want to go school with my friends. I want to dance like them, but why everyone seems to be so ignorant of it?”

It was a time to believe in Self!

“These words shook the feelings of a mother, who never wanted to burden this tiny life with the engulfing pessimism. She somehow engaged him in dancing which he loved & let the curiosity go over a laugh. But that day, a strong woman, stood firm & vowed to herself to see her kid achieve the bar which others could not. Just to let people know that nothing can be “Impossible” with a dedication & perseverance. Even God can be challenged when we fight with love & optimism.

MOM – is all what he wanted!

Schools denied admission? She was enough for him to help him grasp things in a fun & practical way.

Speech was getting hindered, but they both sang numerous rhymes & started practising music & singing.

Body was a little weak, she enrolled him into swimming to built the muscles & develop coordination.

Forget classroom studies, she took him all around to make him learn in a practical manner. There was no scope of “Mugging”, it was all a practical approach. She faced numerous deadlocks every day, but by evening she had an answer to all of them. 

A year of hardship, she forgot what her own life was, but the fruit was beautiful. It was the first obstacle which they cumulatively broke through. He got admission in the school, in the same class as that of the kids of his age. So ecstatic he was to get his school dress, tiffin & bottle. He hugged his bag & rejoiced with laughter all around. Looking him from the side, his mom was filled with tears, tears of Joy.

Passion of Mom

Sense of accomplishment!

To see him at pinnacle was her only motive ,who not just daily educated him of the qualities & mannerisms, but for hours taught him to love all irrespective of their flaws. She got him enrolled into painting classes as he loved painting his imaginations. His drawing always spoke of something, be it human emotions or his happiness or how he wanted to see the world.

It was she who made learning Math’s, Science so easy for him, that he excelled with more than 70% marks throughout his schooling. What more could have been asked for! He successfully graduated from school. The sky thundered that day, the auditorium was roaring with claps. His stories of courage were being narrated. He struggled for years to get that love & none could snatch it now from him. His every step boasted of his mom’s perseverance in his life.

When the world opened to him!

That was not a full stop. Their ambitions were not that diminutive. Soon, he started coaching for IIT’s, but he couldn’t crack it. But there was his mom standing besides him who ensured that he did not broke up. IIT’s were not only ones which could secure him Silicon valley. It was all a matter to ignite that spark plug in her kid. And he got admission to one of the best Engineering colleges of India. Now was the chance to move out of the shell & venture into the lake full of big fishes. Here came the game of survival & real test how he faced the life.

As destiny would have it, he once again became an object of laughter and fun for his “so called Friends. The continuous ragging, arrogance of his college mates took a toll on him. Soon, he started losing his confidence, his mind started regressing, and he started passing through the narrow faint lanes of rejection again.

He was again tested!

He wanted to face the world all by himself basis his mom’s teachings, but he was stammering. His legs were trembling & confidence was shaken. There was no need to speak as the love of mom towards her most special child did hint out that he was going through the rough phase. In a week, setting aside all her tasks, she moved in with him in a separate flat. She still taught him to love his batch mates as only love could transform their feelings. Still she held on the belief to fight the world with love & humanity. Even after years, her teachings were the same. 

And yes, it’s so truly said that God helps those who helps themselves. The tenacity, dedication once again proved that no syndrome can ever bypass the will. It was the last year of his college & today he was campus placed by a company in Silicon Valley. Very much ahead of his friends, some of whom did envy him, but today few recognized the true potential of a friend who just loved them. They understood that special children are not objects of laughter. They too have feelings & can live like a normal man. Today, he was happy, very happy & cried out his heart. Not coz of Silicon valley, but because he received the reciprocation of “Love”. Once again, he won the battle of life. 

Finally he “Serviced for GOD” – Happy Mothers Day!

His placement changed his life completely. For the first time he saw such an acceptance for him. His journey of 2 years was full of accolades & achievements. Somewhere in his heart, he saw a 4year child crying for acceptance which jerked him up to return back to his mom. He opened up a learning centre for special children. No ,he doesn’t calls it NGO or Social service, but he calls it as a “Service to GOD” which is Love to humans! His mom’s teachings were bearing the fruit now. 

Today, people look at him as a successful entrepreneur, a humanitarian, a successful swimmer.

[Seeing his morale & love, I just cannot stop my tears. I cannot stop myself saluting his mother who made him a human he is today. I can definitely say that behind a successful human, there is a hand of every mom who has insured her kid’s every happiness. Love all is the only motto & learning is what I got from him:).]

Mom’s you are not just great, but greatest! Saluting all Mom’s!

Mom's, you are indeed Great!
Mom’s, you are indeed Great!

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  1. Wow… what a beautiful testimony… This put a smile on face and in my heart… it truly is a honor to be a mother and I love my five beautiful babies!

  2. Moms are truly the best! I enjoyed reading this post, especially right before Mother’s Day. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Moms are absolutely astounding. My sister, who is barely married and has no kids yet has told me i am one of the strongest women she knows…i’ve been married 5 years and have two kids…I never would’ve thought myself as brave or strong.

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