In the quest of Normal Delivery over Cesarean

Benefits of Normal or Vaginal Delivery - Benefits of Normal or #caesarean Delivery. Benefits of Normal or Vaginal Delivery. Why I support Normal Delivery over C-Section? Cesarean is often termed as a modern way of birthing entailing full comfort to a mother but when the C-section rates soar to more than 50-60%, there comes some sort of glitch in the processes/vision. Read here as to why does a mama support Normal Delivery and Sitaram Bhartia Hospital. #vaginaldelivery #delivery #babybirth #birthing #csection

Why I support Normal Delivery over C-Section?

Cesarean is often termed as a modern way of birthing entailing full comfort to a mother. Many health practitioners have made their pastures turn greener than ever by convincing “to-be moms” for a C-section. If they are not able to convince them in a straightforward way, they often strategize and capitalize on psychology by making the to-be-mothers believe in various complications that may arise in the course of the delivery. None of us want to risk it and hence are forced to go with the expert’s opinion. 

Well, since I’ve entered into motherhood, these topics have gained prime importance in my life. With so many friends stepping into the same phase & discussing the same, I was indeed prompted to share my findings with all of you. I wanted to have a normal delivery for myself but as luck had it, I had a complicated case and was left with the choice of C-Section only. I consulted close to 5-6 best of the doctors to get a silver lining for opting Normal delivery, but I did not succeed.

But then why am I not supporting it here? Why do I have reservations against Cesarean?

Moms, I’m actually not against C-Sec as such, but I’m against the reasons prompting a woman to undergo C-section. I am against those practitioners who opt for it due to some reasons as in:

  • Lack of Proper support at the hospitals
  • The absence of shared practice: Not having a team and being the only consultant leaves many established gynaecologists with no time to support vaginal deliveries. I’ve seen and met doctors doing 7-8 C-Sec’s a day. Can you believe it, there might be even more than this in one day? Most of the gynaecologists don’t have the time and energy to support to-be-moms. A normal delivery, from the initiation of labor pain till birthing a baby can extend from 1 hour to more than 24 hours. It needs patience, support, perseverance not just from a woman, but from her family and even her gynaecologist.
  • Lack of proper trained Junior Doctor or nurses to even handle certain pressure on another case. One doctor cannot handle immediate multiple concerns for obvious reasons and this is when effective trained and specialized junior teams help out and ensure the operation goes on smoothly.
  • Option to rule out night delivery
  • Self – opted route by to be moms: Well, here I must say that personally I have seen that moms choose C-section due to few reasons such as:
    • Fear of Labor Pain
    • Astrological/ similar other beliefs
    • Lack of knowledge about the pros and cons of the birthing process.
    • Lack of faith in the consulting team and family support.

There are few reasons why we need to support Normal or Vaginal delivery:

  • Speedy recovery & quick to be back to work regime.
  • Lesser bleeding & fewer chances of infections
  • Less duration of being in pain.
  • A mother can immediately hold & feed her baby as soon as she delivers.
  • Baby passing through birth canal boosts up their immune system and protects their intestinal tracts.
  • Also, naturally born babies have fewer allergies & less of respiratory problems (as muscles involved in the process of vaginal delivery are more likely to squeeze out fluid found in a newborn’s lungs)

As per WHO, cesarean should account for just 10-15% of overall deliveries. Norway, Sweden and few other countries have managed to keep the rates below 15%. UK, France have it close to 20%. While, In India, the Cesarean rates are highly varied, with TN, Haryana crossing 50% mark. Even in Delhi, the average C-sec rate is 40%-50%. Isn’t that huge? Don’t you feel that we need some initiative and promote few Maternity cares who have actually taken steps to improve their stats?

Yes, among this category lies, Sitaram Bhartia, who has consistently improved their practices to bring their C-section rates lower from 2001. Today, they proudly boast of,

  • Caesarean rates as low as 18% in 2016.
  • Even better, low-risk first-birth moms had an 88% normal delivery rate; this means just 12% C-section for low-risk first-birth moms.

But this all did not come in a year, and just like this, there were immense efforts and plans made to improvise the rates and minimize surgical interventions. I visited their hospital and tried to have a look at the best practices they followed.

Sitaram Bhartia Hospital

Let me share the best practises of Sitaram Bhartia :

  • A dedicated team of Health Educator’s and Nutritionist’s to address questions related to Diet, health, optimum weight, body changes during the pregnancy.
  • A team of Physiotherapists, to guide you exclusively with the exercising throughout.
  • Initiation of Antenatal classes, in which the mom-to-be and her birth partner, be it her mom or her husband are educated about the process of of labor and delivery. Partners are trained to support women emotionally and physically during this process to ensure the expecting mother has a calm experience.
  • Starting from their first visit to the gynaecologist, parents are counselled and educated about the benefits of Normal delivery
  • A dedicated team of obstetrician – gynaecologists, there is no hopping from one maternity care to another. This helps in the formulation of standard protocols, charges, processes and whole team is introduced when possible and interacts with the visiting expecting mother. The best part, the entire team knows about the history of the expectant mother and in turn, she has established comfort levels with the whole team. High transparency, understanding and a bond of faith are required during the birthing process, and their squad ensures just that.
  • There is always a skilled doctor and nurses in the labour room. So if a mother comes in during labour, she will be attended to by an excellent team even if her concerned doctor was occupied with another situation. Specialized Junior doctors and trained nurses are always available in the hospital. They all are often trained to handle varied situations and provide care to the expecting mothers.
  • The effort of every single person from CEO to management staff to nurses and their confidence to go in for Normal labor.
  • Dedicated Quality team to conduct audits with the consultants

Sitaram Bhartia Best Hospital for Normal Delivery - Benefits of Normal or Vaginal Delivery - Benefits of Normal or #caesarean Delivery. Benefits of Normal or Vaginal Delivery. Why I support Normal Delivery over C-Section? Cesarean is often termed as a modern way of birthing entailing full comfort to a mother but when the C-section rates soar to more than 50-60%, there comes some sort of glitch in the processes/vision. Read here as to why does a mama support Normal Delivery and Sitaram Bhartia Hospital. #vaginaldelivery #delivery #babybirth #birthing #csection

All these efforts have resulted in Sitaram Bhartia doing a commendable job in changing the stats of Delhi when it comes to Normal Delivery.

I was very impressed by their empathy, hygiene in the wards, concerns for to-be-mothers and all of this has reflected in their stats and pursuance to continue their efforts. Even giving an ear to their patient’s testimonials made me feel proud, that someone is working to change the history!

Sitaram Bhartia Best Hospital for Normal Delivery -Benefits of Normal or Vaginal Delivery - Benefits of Normal or #caesarean Delivery. Benefits of Normal or Vaginal Delivery. Why I support Normal Delivery over C-Section? Cesarean is often termed as a modern way of birthing entailing full comfort to a mother but when the C-section rates soar to more than 50-60%, there comes some sort of glitch in the processes/vision. Read here as to why does a mama support Normal Delivery and Sitaram Bhartia Hospital. #vaginaldelivery #delivery #babybirth #birthing #csection

So, to-be-mama’s, don’t just find a doctor, instead hold onto a team, who can support you in every endeavour you make to bring a beautiful blessing into your life.

Do you have a pregnancy story? Share it with us in the comments below.

Happy Birthing!


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  1. Ciara

    I was lucky enough to have both my babies without needing a caesarean but I did need a forceps on baby 2 so I was thankful I had the epidural

    1. Blair Villanueva

      My Mom gave birth all by normal delivery (we are 6!) and its amazing! Ohh women are so powerful especially Mothers.

  2. Gleefulblogger

    This seems to be a perfect destination to bring our little bundle of joy to this world. A place which is safe, secured, clean and with experts. Who understand us as mothers and not as customers. Thanks for sharing

  3. I don’t know much about pregnancy and childbirth so I’d follow advice from my health practitioners. It’s so important to have the right support for these kinds of decisions. Thank you for sharing your advice.

  4. Jessica Joachim

    I really enjoyed this. My first child was a C-section baby. She was frank breech so I was for sure not having her natural, but I accepted it. A few years later I got pregnant with my son and sought out a doctor who would support my desire to have a VBAC. Thankfully, I found an awesome practice and wonderful hospital near me and I was able to have my VBAC. I think especially with those, Doctors scare women into thinking they NEED a C-section and can’t even attempt a vaginal delivery if they have had a previous c-section.

  5. Think every woman should have the right to choose whichever method she’s most comfortable with. Sad to hear certain practices are being sneakily imposed on women

  6. Familyearthtrek

    I agree with you about this but I am happy that we women have the choice nowdays. Its the same about to take or not to take Epidural. That said, there some women out there that do the C-section for the bad reason…for an ex in belief that their vagina will look ugly or get bigger! Its not a joke, I have heard women telling me that! I get shock when I hear this kind of things…

  7. Sreekar Harinatha

    Hmmm. Nice post but I do take objection to your opinion that many health practitioners have made their pastures turn greener than ever by convincing “to-be moms” for a C-section. Thats a really poor way of generalizing doctors without knowing the other side of the coin. Sometimes the doctors are also averse to taking risks with the child birth as much as the parents are and hence advice C-section where most of the factors can be controlled as opposed to normal deliveries. In retrospective its easy to say that one should have had a normal delivery when everything goes fine. But what happens when there is an issue and the delivery gets delayed because someone is bent of normal delivery. Think about it. Its easy to blame someone when you you have nothing to lose nor enough knowhow!

  8. Amber

    I am all for whatever is best for the mother. For me, I did a regular birth, but I used the drugs for both of them. I know my pain limits so I immediately asked for an epidural.

  9. Jiya B

    I loved teh way you coved all aspects related to C section. I honestly dont know much about post delivery issues a lady undergo after C section As mine both were Normal.

  10. Ruchie

    Seems perfect for having new joy of life

  11. London Mumma

    You know i’ve never heard of doctors suggesting this as an easier option, even when I was pregnant! But i do know a lot of women prefer it and that I do not agree with, unless of course, there are complications at the time.

  12. Deimarys

    I have 2 kiddos. One was normal delivery and the second one had to be C-section. My water had broke and 20hrs later, no baby. So, they recommended one. Honestly, I can’t complaint. The recovery process wasn’t easy but it was good and the scar it’s barely there compared to others I have seen.
    I’m all for, do whatever you think it’s convenient for you and the baby.

  13. Chasity

    I have had both types of delivery for my babies. With my daughter Emily, I had to have an emergency c-section. After getting pregnant with my last baby, I decided to have a repeat c-section because I was also planning on getting my tubes tied at the same time. It is the one thing that I regret. Mainly because my recovery time was longer but, I fell that it was a necessary deliver after finding out that I had a window on my uterus where they could see my baby.

  14. Ana De-Jesus

    I agree that sometimes parents might be pressurized into making the wrong choice but it is great that mums have more birth options nowadays. I was born via natural birth but many of my siblings were born by C section because they needed to be!

  15. alisonrost

    One of the coolest things I head about the benefits of a normal delivery was the boost it gives the baby health wise. Not only does it give them a stronger immune system, but they have a far stronger microbial mix in their digestive systems.

  16. makeupadda1

    That’s a very detailed and informative post for mommies to be..

  17. I had no idea about these things, didn’t know that C-section is not that good. Very informative post and great tips!

  18. Candice

    You forgot the most important fact is that people need to be open to change in their birth plans. Sometimes things change due to what the Baby needs and that is what is important. People can state statistics about natural vs c-section but it all comes down to the over all health of mom and baby. As a mom who was low risk for a c-section and pro natural I learned the hard way that not being open to both can cause issues also.

    1. I deeply agree to your point.Its important to decide for the particular baby and mother.Each pregnancy and child birth is unique.Balanced decision making is needed.

  19. kessylarae

    I love to learn about natural-birth supporting hospitals. There are some situations where C-sections are necessary, but not at the rates of most hospitals. I had my kiddos at home and it was so nice to have hands-on, individualized care.

  20. fromroopalismind

    Absolutely normal delivery is better, though I had a c sec. Nice post

  21. This is the real post providing information and will be of much help to moms to be

  22. Shubhada

    For me, whichever is the best for the child and the mother, is the best option. Normal delivery is a natural method but sometimes due to complications, you just can’t take any risk. It is great to know that Sitaram Bhartia is spreading awareness on this topic.

  23. Maro Akamatra

    I delivered naturally my daughter and it was magical. I was the exception to the rule though, the c-section is what’s done most here unfortunately.

  24. Sangeetha

    I definitely had to go through C section due to some complications and till date, once a while I see some side effects. Wish I had normal one!

  25. Blair Villanueva

    I might choose the normal delivery, and not miss that experience 🙂
    So it is important for me to check the best clinic or hospitals that can provode excellent care for a new mother’s needs.

  26. Dr Bushra

    Indeed Great initiative by Sitaram bhartia group to promote safe and healthy Normal delivery

  27. Mrinal Kiran

    I am not a mom neither married so i don’t know about these things.. but yes it is really really good to see hospitals promoting vaginal delivery and not c section for their benefit! ❤

  28. Nyxloves

    I had to go through a C-sec delivery due to complications but it was the smoothest delivery ever – like I went to the OT with a smiling face and came out with a smiling face.Doctors took special care and the facility in Dubai is amazing. My recovery was also fast but the problem I faced was in getting back to shape and sometimes I feel that after normal delivery this wouldn’t have been a case. My sister-in-law had an awful experience in India where she was in pain for a week after the C-sec…so I feel that you need to check the facilities of the hospital. This is a great initiative by Sitaram Bhatia group to promote normal delivery. 🙂

  29. Minakshi Bajpai

    I gone through with both the Deliveries. My first child is from normal delivery and second one with c section because of some problem. In both the cases we have to bear the pain somewhere less or more. But still i prefer normal one best for moms. And i also encourage would be moms to go with normal option rather than c section.

  30. jajwalyark

    Thanks for the info! Good luck with your future and hope you are doing well now.
    I don’t really know much about either of the topics but it is rather interesting that Normal delivery is prefered simply for the raw experience it is.

  31. Monika Sehdev

    We all Wish to Had Normal Delivery. I’ll definitely Suggest their services to Needy ! Tfs

  32. Neha Sharma

    I really wish we have more such hospitals and birthing centers which genuinely support natural delivery process rather than working towards churning out money from their patients’ pockets. Really appreciate Sita Ram Bhartiya’s initiative and there is no doubt that they follow some great practices.

  33. Jainsneha

    I too delivered baby by normal delivery and in two days got recovered thanks to my gynecologist too and yes ur tips are great for new moms

  34. joshitajj

    It is so good to see a hospital initiating this. Their antenatal classes are very useful for expecting parents…

  35. I guess it’s quite personal which one you support, but I think most of us want to choose normal delivery, but it is not always possible. That happened to a friend of mine who so wanted the normal one but in the last minute her doctor said that in her case it wouldn’t be the safest way.

  36. worldofmakeupmagique

    I have heard a lot about advantages of Normal Delivery… thanks for the detailed post

  37. stephaniesherlock

    That is some good advice to share with family and friends. Most of my family and friends always try for normal delivery, but I have another friend that is so small she always schedules the cesarean.

  38. Laura Dove

    I dislike the term normal delievery. Having had five vaginal deliveries myself, I think they are no more normal than those who have a C-section. Labelling something “normal” indicates that the alternatives are not normal which can be quite upsetting to some women.

  39. Trystwithvanillagirl

    I delivered both my daughters through C section because of pelvic obstruction with my first pregnancy you are right that nothing beats the natural way of baby delivery but I think C section can be considered and difficult cases

  40. Papri Ganguly

    Completely agree with you. Normal delivery leads less complicasy post delivery.

  41. jayshreebhagat

    Sharing this with one of my pregnant colleague who has conceived after 13 years

  42. Mei

    I’m currently interning in a gynecology-obstetrics departments, and I keep wondering everyday why do people pick C-section over a natural delivery. If only they knew how many complications the c-section has, and how much better the normal one is.
    Great post ^^

  43. Amber Starr

    Wow, their cesarean rate is so low compared to many other hospitals. There are definitely times when . c-secs are a necessity, but I do feel that many doctors rush into them when they may not be needed.

  44. This post shares some really important facts specially for new moms to be.I wanted to have normal delivery and I was in good health until the last minute.But,the last moment even after the water-bag opening,I underwent a C-section.Although I received all the good treatment and care during the first days,I still prefer if I had a vaginal delivery.

  45. jayshreeghosh

    My sister need this post…. She is 8 month pregnant…. Will suggest her

  46. I had two normal deliveries. Normal delivery is my first choice, but I won’t decline if I ever I’ll be needing a C-section in case of an emergency.

  47. Made Adayasa

    I am sure every woman have to read this article . We don’t have children yet but really love to read this and share it to my wife . I will show it to her , of course will translate first because she don’t speak English

  48. The Abbottses

    I think if people have the choice a normal delivery is definately better as it’s the natrural option. Problem is, many mother’s don’t have a choice!

  49. kalliamanika

    I am not leaning towards either option tbh. I am not a mom myself, so I haven’t done research on the matter. But, I can say that if my mom didn’t have an emergency c- section. I wouldn’t be here right now. So, imo it is always best to look for what is best for you (as a mom) and your baby.

  50. Andrea Hamblen

    I believe in only the way the works best for each birth, so many different situations, areas, babies, women, cultures. I love your advice it’s great to have other moms with experience to lean on each other for whatever happends. Thanks for sharing.

  51. MissJess

    I absolutely agree, there’s nothing wrong with getting a c-sec if it’s actually necessary. I was lucky and was able to deliver, which yes its painful but it’s just normal, just something you have to get through to have a baby. But it takes less time to heal and like you said you get to hold your baby right after unless there’s complications. Honestly, I think it’d be more frightening to get a c-sec! Great article… This is a subject that needs covered, especially if they are pushing it on mothers like that.


  52. I had my baby in one of the best private hospitals in Europe, via C-Section and I was completely fine. It was a must because his legs instead of his head was down. I think c-sections are just as alright as “normal” births.

  53. I was fortunate enough to have two home births and fast labors! I didn’t need any drugs or anything either and everything went very smoothly. I don’t have any problems with C sections if they’re for a medical reason, but I’m not really a fan of people scheduling them for convenience sake or because they don’t want to push…

  54. Shell

    Sometimes there is no choice but cesarean…. my first I labored for 26hours and could not deliver… he started distress so they did emergency c and then delivered my 11 pound baby. My second was preemie and breech and they had to do emergency c again because he was in distress…

  55. xtineloves

    I love how strong minded you are this is so interesting… You look so happy, keep up with strong minded posts, so educational. I love it

  56. Parenting Tips

    Thanks, very helpful blog for all the mommies. I think when it necessary then nothing wrong in C-section delivery, you just have to prepare mentally yourself. But normal delivery is best if there is no complication in pregnancy.

    1. Jhilmil

      Yes, there is nothing wrong in C-Sec, but should be done only if required.

  57. Very helpful article for moms. This article may be helpful for pregnant mothers and helpful for delivery tips while in pregnancy.

  58. Jivansutra

    Great Post Jhilmil. I’m also a strong supporter of normal delivery as Women are three times more likely to die during Caesarean delivery than a vaginal birth, due to many complications, according to a report. People, as well as the doctors, should follow the classic way.

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