Popsicle stick Craft : Pen or colour stand

Making a simple Popsicle stick Pen stand or pencil/colour stand by preschoolers!

Hey friends, looking out to engage your preschooler or nursery child in these summer vacations? Get on to read my creative crafts ideas on popsicle stick, Cardboard crafts. Sharing here with you a very simple & easy to make pen stand or colour/pencil stand by your lil bundle of joy.  This simple craft is suitable for 2-5year old children & you’ll be surprised to see them contented at the end. It’s easy, fun with a sense of belongingness! 

Materials Required :

1. 30-32 Popsicle stick – [Select straight sticks & remove the bent ones)

2. Glue (fevicol/hard glue)

3. Water / Oil colours

4. Cardboard /Toilet tissue paper blank roll [of the size of Popsicle stick or little smaller – cut it out if the roll size is larger then sticks size]

Duration with Child: 30 minutes

Step by step directions :

Popsicle stick Pen stand
Made by my 2.8m old Boy:)
  1. Make it as colourful as you can. Select some 3-4 colours which can be alternately painted on the popsicle stick. For the start, paint all finalized 30 popsicle sticks at a go. Let your kid do it, he will love painting them out for sure.
  2. Base : For crafting out the base, put all 10 popsicle sticks side by side [as a square shape], keeping the same dimension. Ensure that they all match the ends of one another & are straight. Once arranged, take 2 blank or any coloured popsicle stick & apply glue to them & paste it horizontally over the 10 sticks, one on either side. (See as in the image). Keep it for 10 odd minutes to dry & have a perfect stick.
  3. Holder : Take the rolled cardboard (thin) and join it to get a cylindrical shape or get a toilet tissue paper blank roll. One by one, paste remaining 20 popsicle / as per the cylindrical shape in a vertical manner on the cardboard roll. Once all the sticks are pasted, it will start giving you the feel of Holder. Keep it aside to have a perfect stick for 10minutes.
  4. Joining the base & Holder : Take a small circular shaped paper cut as per the circular dimensions of the holder. Paste it on the base from one side & paste holder on it from the other side. Let it dry for next 15 minutes.     

Woo..Hoo.. amazing pen stand is ready by your munchkin. Don’t forget to applaud him for his creative work. Let him put his colours, small toys or what ever he wishes into it & enjoy .

Happy Crafting!

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