Preparing A Junior Bridesmaid For Your Wedding

Junior Bridesmaid For Your Wedding : Things you should know!

Weddings are beautiful and we all wish to be a special part of someone close to us and getting married. If you have a young family member or family friend, you may want to make her a special part of your wedding. Traditionally, the bridesmaid is the bride’s best friend or sister, and is old enough to manage the whole event as well as be the bride’s right hand.

Are you planning your wedding and need to work on Bridesmaid? Why not take a chance to have one Junior Bridesmaid, which will fill the aura with fun. #juniorbridesmaid #bridesmaid #wedding #weddingfun

Having a junior bridesmaid, however, is a way for a young girl to feel really special on your wedding day. A flower girl is traditionally a very young child, so your young friend may not be eligible for that position. A junior bridesmaid is hence the perfect companion!

So what does a junior bridesmaid actually do? She can’t scatter the petals, and she definitely cannot organize the crazy bachelorette party! For that separate group of youngsters is already ready, isn’t it? Read on below for some ways to make a young woman part of the fun and memories without asking too much.

Choosing The Dress

Are you planning your wedding and need to work on Bridesmaid? Why not take a chance to have one Junior Bridesmaid, which will fill the aura with fun. #juniorbridesmaid #bridesmaid #wedding #weddingfun

Although your junior bridesmaid would probably be too young for helping you choose the wedding dress, she would still be overjoyed at being a part of the experience. Ask for her opinion on your own dress, and let her have a say in hers as well. You can take a look at bridesmaid dresses and bridesmaid gowns from Azazie for inspiration.

At the event itself, the junior bridesmaid should be wearing a dress similar to that of the other bridesmaids. If they’re carrying bouquets, hers should be smaller but similar, so that she can handle it better. You can also make her stand out a bit by giving her a slightly lighter shade or a floral print. Make sure it’s age appropriate, though.

Getting Pampered

As a bride, you’ll be getting your manicure and pedicure, hair treatment, and facial done as the countdown for the big day begins. A junior bridesmaid could be the perfect companion here. She can have her first taste of some relaxing spa and salon services. She will also be able to get her hair done properly so she won’t get confused when the time comes to attend the event.

There are several great options to make the junior bridesmaid feel extra special. For instance, you can check out and order her favorite sweets as well. The moments need to be beautiful and sweet, right? 

Appropriate Events

Naturally, if you’re going out to attend a dinner party organized by a colleague, the junior bridesmaid cannot attend. However, you should make sure you include her in some sort of afternoon tea party. That way, the flower girl can also attend.

The junior bridesmaid can be of great help here in assembling and passing out favors, getting games started, and helping to set up the tables. She can also be a part of the clean-up when it’s all over.

Attending The Ceremonies

The junior bridesmaid should be one of the first-invited guests at the rehearsal ceremony and the big day itself. In fact, she should be part of the host party and can help to greet the guests. If she’s old and confident enough, she can even get the guests seated properly. Guests love when they see really young children as a part of bridesmaid.

Walking Down The Aisle

Are you planning your wedding and need to work on Bridesmaid? Why not take a chance to have one Junior Bridesmaid, which will fill the aura with fun. #juniorbridesmaid #bridesmaid #wedding #weddingfun

When the bride walks down the aisles, she’s followed by her bridesmaids. The junior bridesmaid, being the youngest, should walk ahead of all the others. She would then be present at the altar when the ceremony is actually taking place. This will surely be an experience she will never forget!

After The Ceremony

When the rings have been exchanged and the union formalized, the junior bridesmaid can be at the front in celebrating the send off. You may choose to have everyone holding sparklers, which the junior bridesmaid can pass out. Be sure not to let her handle any open flames, though.

If the junior bridesmaid is of a mischievous nature, she may also be the one getting cans tied to the newlywed’s car and pulling other pranks! You can be sure she’d be the life of the party when given a chance. Young children are innovative, and bubbly to make this experience worth remembering!

So, have you had any chance to have a junior bridesmaid? We would love to hear your experiences and memories.




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