Singapore fun for Kids!

Singapore fun for Kids!

Hola! Its summer time and vacations ought to be well spent, isn’t it? As all the summer camps are nearing the end and the heat waves are tormenting us inside out, how about vacationing to a place which is fun for kids and adults equally? Yes, I’m talking about Singapore, “Singapur” for Kids more precisely here. More tales of Singapore will follow on our Travel blog (FOTW) soon in span of next 2 weeks!

We were getting crazy, as this trip was more challenging than a “Solo travel”, as it was a mom-son duo trip as for daddy it was an official travel. Though, we are high on family travels, but I was excited yet nervous to manage all alone in a different country, for the first time, ensuring that the exploration and fun remains unhindered. And this is why this post is very close to my heart.

The wanderers in us, made us complete this trip in an awesome manner, but the credit goes to some good planning and help from the friends there in Singapore. This post will come in handy for you in ensuring that you leave no stoned unturned in your kids enjoyment (and yes, our fun will follow).

Places and shows to cover in Singapore for Kids :

A) Sentosa Island :

Sentosa is basically divided into 2 parts : RW sentosa and Sentosa Island. While RW senstosa (Resort world Sentosa) is a a sort of Adventure Theme Park, Sentosa Island has beaches, water sports, adventure sports and forts to visit.

RW Sentosa : SEA Aquarium

The most amazing section of this is SEA Aquarium , which houses close to 100,000 marine animals of over 800 species. When the sharks swim above your head and the sting ray and bat rays stun you with their sizes, you cannot stop yourself sitting and gauging this mesmerizing larger than life aquarium. As soon as you enter this SEA world, you along with kids, will be amazed to see every single specie, be it purple poison frogs, or Sea dragons or Octopus. They not just display the marine life, but the astonishing facts about species, their status, conservation need, and all this makes it a great edutainment for kids.

Note : They have time to time feeding sessions, when you can see divers inside the aquarium feeding the marine life. Those sights are fantastic and should not be missed. They have an Ocean fest and Green workshops till 24th June, helping kids learn about the impact of plastic pollution in the ocean and how we can reduce it.

Children will understand the marine ecosystem through this holistic education and practical workshops in a much better way!

The Maritime Experiential Museum :

This is return to the Maritime Silk Route centuries earlier. They have close to 15 thematic galleries and all boast of some great look out. Be it escaping from the pirates or learning the navigation on the deck, the heritage restored in this museum is worth exploring. For this kids older than 5 years are certainly gonna enjoy, with ample history questions being asked, for sure.

Note : They have a Typhoon theatre here for around 20 minutes and it is indeed not to be missed. They take you on a multi-sensory tale, wherein you’ll sail on an old vessel (which you will realize in the end)and see how the terrifying storm attacks the ocean and the ship turns into a wreak. You’ll get those harsh winds, trickling of stormy rain and yes the vessel will get lower as in your are sinking.

Very small kids might get afraid so either take turns to go or take a call. But this is amazing and kids above 3 years will really enjoy this show.

Adventure Cove Water Park :

It is a huge and a thrilling water park. Along with high speed water rides, it also offers snorkelling and other interactions as Dolphin island interactions. It is a full one day thrill that you must experience. Some rides are basis the kids age/height and ensure that you abide it. Dolphin interactions vary from Dolphin encounters (for kids under 4) to experiencing the deep water thrill with dolphin propelling you through the water (for adults and older kids).

Crane Dance :

Its a beautiful colourful mechanical crane dance, which starts at around 8pm at the waterfront(no separate ticket). Its a love story between the mechanical cranes, how they woo each other and how their love transforms them into real cranes. Its a definite watch as kids and adults will equally love these cranes and their beating hearts being displayed on LED’s.

Universal Studios :

USS, is one full day adventure and thrill for kids and adults equally. You enter 10am and its sure that you won’t be able to exit before the closing time of 7pm. USS is divided into 7 zones, and each zone has mind-blowing thrills. We need a separate post on USS and it will be soon getting published on

B) Sentosa Island :

From Universal Studios, you can easily get monorail service (when we went it was a free shuttle) till Sentosa Island. It is divided into Palawan beach and Siloso beach areas and has ample of adventure activities as Segway, Cable car, Buggy Jumping, skywalk. Visiting Fort Siloso via sky bridge gives beautiful sunset and evening views.

Fort Siloso : This fort was built in 19th century and captures the history of WWII, when Japanese invaded Singapore. It is the only coastal fort in Singapore and it is an informative walk. Do check out the Surrender Chambers immersive show there.

Once free with Fort and Thrill activities, simply relax on the sandy beach, or take a dip in the waters with children. Give kids time to do their sand play, building castles and running buses into it.

C) Singapore Zoo :

When kids see rare of the rarest animals in equal to natural environment, what do they exclaim? Whoa!! Yes a complete day, your children will love spending at Zoo.

Zoo has 3 areas – River Quest , Zoo, Jurong Bird Park and Night Safari.

Starting Singapore Zoo with :

1. River Safari , which is a calm boat ride basically, which small kids will enjoy. Don’t expect any animals to be seen here, it is just to live few moments in nature. We saw Giraffe’s as soon as we started though.

River safari area has lovely aquarium wherein we saw Sea Lions and Sea Cows during feeding time. It was a WOW experience.

2. Amazon River Quest : Its a journey along the amazon river, wherein you spot various wild animals and birds while being drifted away in the boat. We spotted some Tapir, ant eaters, Carribean Flamingoes, some interesting monkey species. Though our lookout for Jaguars did not materialize.

*Note : Children above 1.06m are only allowed to embark this beautiful trail and they ensure no deviation, even for a cm!

At Boat Plaza they also conduct a River talk chit chat show for kids wherein they show the relationship that species such as white pelicans, monitor lizards, kites have with their aquatic environment!

Zoo :

A lovely zoo, with some really never seen animals can be seen here enjoying. From Panda’s and Kangaroo’s to African Penguins, Its just amazing. They have recently lost their Polar Bear in 2018 and we regret the loss. Singapore Zoo hosts some lovely shows as Splash show with sea Lion, Animal friends (cats, dogs and parrots), Elephants at play. All the shows are stunning and kids will enjoy their heights.

Kidzworld Amphitheatre, has a splash pool with water rides for kids water fun as well. So, don’t forget to bring along swim costume and towel for kids to enjoy there.

Don’t miss out on the Night safari which is a tram ride to spot the Nocturnal animals. The lines are long for Night Safari, but worth it when you end with a really appealing show “Creatures of the night Show”.  It’s a very popular show, so arrive atleast 25-30minutes before to have a perfect seat. When the nocturnal animals comes in front of you in their natural form, giving their performances, it makes you fall in love with these creatures. There is also a fire show here, but we missed out that, due to rain that day.

Jurong bird park :

It is a small fun, even 2-3 hours are enough. Opt for the tram ride in the ticket and have a fun views around the park. The main fascinating areas are the Penguin Zones, wherein you can have a great fun during their feeding time. Penguin walk, their slides in water and running to get one more fish is just wow.  Waterfall Aviary area is good for kids, wherein they see some beautiful birds as Turkey, crowned pigeon, peacocks, kingfishers in open.

Kings of the Skies and High Flyers show, both are wonderful for kids at Jurong Bird park.

*Go for the Park Hopper plus ticket to include all of these in one go at some discounts.

D) National Museum of Singapore :

It is the country’s oldest Museum bringing alive the old times of Singapore, the lifestyle, about the war and how the development turned out to be. It could be less interesting for small kids but it is indeed interesting for kids more than 7-8years of age. Right now Children’s season 2018 is going on, and this is real fun for all aged kids to come and explore at Museum. From story telling sessions to family workshops, Bouncy adventures, Sensory saturday fun in outdoors, Story of the forest, Sand Play, swings, drawing some arts, it was a great 3 hours spent here and my 3.5year old really enjoyed at the Museum.

E) Gardens By the Bay :

The Cloud Forest is a beautiful attraction here, which kids will certainly enjoy. There is a separate fun area for kids here – Children’s Garden, which remains closed on Monday’s. They have water play area along with educational programs for kids fun. If your child knows Cycling or skating, you can take that and you kid can have fun with them at Gardens by the Bay.

Another attraction, not to miss for kids here is SuperTree grove, which are tree like vertical gardens and they have a mesmerizing light and sound show at the night. Don’t miss this show, sleep under any tree in this area and watch over and lights beam, shine, twinkle with the music.

F) Pulau Ubin Island :

It’s an island North east of Singapore and has a direct bus connectivity. The fun is, when you reach the Changi Village, reach over to the Pulau Ubin Bumboat boarding zone. They have small bumboats which are started when atleast 10 passengers are ready for Pulau Ubin. (You get change every 10 minutes approx.). You’ll be ported via this bumboat to the Pulau Ubin Island, a serene calm island. You can opt for cycles and explore the rich ecosystem it has. From Chek Jawa Wetlands (having marine life and corals), to small trekking’s, life gives you a break from the pace. Kids will love to sit around the sea outside and watch as the planes fly across and ships pass in the sea. We spent close to 3 hours here and loved every moment.

*There are many mosquitoes, when you start trek into the forest here, so do apply and take along mosquito repellents.

Tips while travelling Singapore with kids :

1. Keep umbrella’s or Rain coats handy if you don’t like petty showers trying to wet you over 10-12 minutes, twice a day.

2. Opt for a MRT (metro) ticket, recharged if you plan to cover up most of the travel by MRT.

3. Incase, your child loves double decker buses, opt for lots of cents, as a bus ticket won’t be able to return any cent in exchange.

4. Ensure a good quality shoe/footwear, as you will really need to walk a lot:)

5. Wet wipes and a good sunscreen, to protect from direct sunlight in the mornings and noon.

6. Strollers, if your kids are young and you are skeptical of their walking capacities.

7. Try to prebook the tickets Online beforehand (you can get deals on sites as Klook )

8. Keep explore apps as “gothere singapore” ready, to help you get the best route and connectivity.

9. Grab is a popular app for booking the cabs. Also, ensure that if your child is less than 5 years, you ought to opt for a baby seat and family car in Singapore, basis the rules.

10. Food is not an issue, take some canned juices/iced tea/milk shakes for kids to rejoice along.

11. Make a perfect plan and finalize the shows/events well before so that you do not miss out on the timings.

These are some places, which are real fun for kids, if you spend 5-6 days here. Any queries, I would love to answer.

Happy Travelling,

Love, Jhilmil


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