Stepmom’s love can be great too!

[This is a TRUE story, not mine, but of a very close friend of mine]


It was a beautiful day, life seemed to be so happy in the arms of mom and dad. I was barely 12 then, but life was such a joy, with the only motto of play with dad and get delicious meals by mom. It was complete fun getting to learn the practical world which mom taught to we 3 siblings, me being the oldest. We used to quickly get our family time & run for short weekends as a picnic & enjoy in the lap of nature and play with mom and dad. Life was smooth, really pleasant.

Something scary was upcoming!

The next morning was a foggy day, with lots of rains. The beginning of the day was very dull and I just wanted to eat pakora’s with tea for the breakfast. And as usual, Dear mom have always known what my heart wanted. Having the delicious breakfast that Sunday morning made me relax in my bed again to enjoy the outside rains. [Those were the days when schools were closed due to excessive rains]. But, why will mom want to stay inside? She had her daily routine and despite rains, she went visit the temple and get veggies.

From the balcony I could hear her asking the auto-wallah right in the colony to drop her off & there she went in few minutes for her chores. I was deep in the blanket enjoying the view from my window and my little 2 siblings were in another closet. Dad was off course completing his week’s sleep on the Sunday! 30-40-50minutes of her gone, it was getting late than the normal days, but I knew rains could cause a hell delay. All I could hear was a loud crash just in the lane near to our flat. Thinking it as a normal skid on the rainy terrain, I actually didn’t get out of my bed, until I saw people rushing towards our society.

It was terrible!

Dad rushed towards the balcony and went hurriedly down the stairs to find that some people were still trying to nab that carriage van while some were trying to pull away a body that seemed life-less..Yes, lifeless, it was my MOM, who got crushed in the accident that rainy day! The carriage van guy was not drunk, it was the heavy foggy weather with zero visibility which took her away from us, far..very far!

Life became traumatised without “Her”. I yearned for Mom’s love despite dad trying to give us all the love & care. But I could also sense a deep emptiness in HIS life. Who did he speak his heart out to? His only motto became “we three growing kids”. It pained to not see “HER” cooking yummy dishes, it hurt to not see HER caressing us anymore. The wound of missing her was not ready to heal even after a year passed, coz she was someone who was the most beloved person for all of us. Her tenderness, charisma, the magic of her words, sparkling eyes, affection all had gone with her to heaven that fateful day. But for all of us, it seemed that the earth had stopped its rotation, life was not willing to move ahead, it actually took a big pause.

A decision was being made!

Suddenly, we came to know that dad had agreed to “Re-marry” to bring back mom’s love & care for us. But NO, how could someone replace our MOM? Step-MOM, well it was a ruthless picture framed in our young minds. That atrocious figure, who would take our dad away from us. But somehow these imaginations just continued between we 3 siblings, and life went all the more into dreariness. Dad used to counsel us every day with so much of love & responsibility, but it did not help us more than saying a YES to him and keeping a heavy heart to ourselves.

With a sobbing heart, that day we stood in front of our Dear MOM’s frame the full day speaking and crying out our souls to her. Me, being the eldest, had to take the lead and decided “NOT” to join the small evening where the marriage took place, to get a new mama for us. It was not vital, we could have never forgotten HER love, there was a huge gap which none could replace.

New life began!

The next day, our Step mom stepped in the house. We 3 siblings, decided not to come out of our rooms, we didn’t even wanted to see her glimpse. The optimistic glimmer coming from the “flowered frame” was enough for us to lead the life. As days passed “She” started conversing with us, tried to initiate chats, tried to take us for some outings. She even tried to cook really delicious meals (which we never appreciated) for us of our choices. Somehow that hurdle was not getting a NOC certification. Our heart beats were not going to beat for her that easily.

Dad continued his counselling to us and new mom tried persuading us by everything she could do. It continued till a year, when we came to know that we were to welcome another baby in the house. No, we were not ready, our fears would touch the reality very soon. Who would love us then? Why will we be wanted by dad & new mom then? What will happen to our dreams & desires? Yes, we were getting really selfish but we needed an undivided love for the huge void which was created. We really needed a motherly figure just to us, to speak our hearts out. But this instance left us in a state of shock & we three were heartbroken once again. We were trying to reach normalcy with the new mom, but the road block hit us back again.

Life is challenging!

Sensing something wrong, our new-mom took us for a beach walk that day. We sat, ate some yummy delicacies prepared by her for us, played for some time. As the waves began to get high, she asked us to speak our mind & heart. She wanted to know the reason of our sorrowful attitudes.

I really dunno what the trigger was that day. A very heavy heart full of melancholy and dejection, spoke it all out with tears not stopping to drip down. That day, she didn’t ask me to stop those tears and I continued speaking full of emotions. Sobbing along with us, she hugged us tightly and said “I loved you all kids & will love you forever. There shall be no barrier between us. None of you will ever lose a mom’s love again, I promise”. We really couldn’t understand much except acknowledging that she will love & care for us. My heart was little light but the jitters of another sibling was intact until we got to know the other day that “She had aborted the baby”. She got herself operated to never conceive in her life, stating that we 3 kid were hers and she did not wanted any other child to stand as a fence.

Our lives were upside down!

That day we realized a true moms love once again. Can a mom abort her very own kid for the sake of step children? No, we were not step, rather her own children, whom she has loved so much. That was the day of realization, a day when her love won! She really filled our lives once again with all the care & tenderness we missed. It has been more than 30years of her togetherness with us.

She is world to us!

Stepmoms Love

And all I can say for her is that – “She is the dearest Mom who has loved all so much. Never thinking of her self interests, rather always planning to give the family & friends all what she can. She is the one who has brought us big & mature enough to handle this world. She has married us all 3 kids so graciously and has hugged our kids in a manner even we could not. Indeed, she was a perfect partner for our Dad, who could re-live his life with peace & happiness”. 

All I can do is thank God for giving us a gracious Mom. I wish to come out of her womb for all the life I have to come again in this world.

And, all I want to say from my life is, Step moms in the stories are really only in stories. It all depends on what a person is from the core of heart. We couldn’t accept her for one long year, every single day passed with she struggling to get our love. I saw so many days when she sat alone staring at stars & sometimes I did see tears rolling down her eyes. I understood later, she longed for the love of we three kids.

This life is beautiful, give love, spread love. Understanding & loving people is the best thing I took from her for life.

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