Triple Talaq, Muslim Women and Supreme Court

 Landmark decision against Triple Talaq :

Supreme court verdict against Triple Talaq

They got married some 5years back, life seemed rosy. He used to work in Sharjah and earn handsome amount. For the first year he used to come back to India every quarter with gifts for his beautiful wife. But the destiny had a hard luck on her. She suffered miscarriage in her 3rd month the next year. The episode fell like a catastrophe on her and her life. And within the same month, her husband left her saying “Triple Talaq” [talaq – talaq-talaq], with no justifications. They were divorced in just one second by those words. He went back to Gulf the next day leaving her all alone in tears.

The clouds thundered and her eyes rolled consistent tears. No love, no support, no compensation, she stood strong and launched a petition and moved to the court.

Her husband had a single argument, that he has given Triple Talaq and that, it is as per Muslim religion! She was still fighting, conducting protests, until last day, when she won a landmark decision.

Life of Muslim women will be colourful ::Triple Talaq termed “Unconstitutional” 

A weird heartbroken incident in the modern world has been stinking the world so hard. And this is when, I clapped, smiled and embraced the women in me to acknowledge a “Proud” yesterday. Tuesday, 22nd August, when the Honourable Supreme Court of India moved a step ahead to block this malpractice of “Instant Divorce”[Triple Talaq] in muslim community.

What is Triple Talaq?

Until now, Muslim men could divorce their wife by just saying these three words -Talaq, Talaq and Talaq. These words in one go, could be either spoken or written or even communicated in a digital form. The worse, husbands divorced their wife typing Triple Talaq on Whats App or message and never returned back! It was perfectly legal if men did not cite the cause for this instant divorce. Indeed, that was a terrible tragic practise and demeaning Muslim law.

Yesterday, Supreme Court of India held it Void and unconstitutional. It was greeted with cheers all over.

For the women Rights:

That’s so true that this decades old practise, an edge to patriarchal Muslim society termed as religious had to make it go. After all, we need to have the Gender Equality now. Practises as Triple Talaq , Polygamy all under the name of religious sentiments had been degrading women’s right. It made a muslim women all the more vulnerable and as a puppet in the hands of her man. She had to live in consistent fear for the reason of being divorced in hardly a second. She had to agree to every term of her men, be right or wrong just to save herself from this instant divorce.

Every woman has the right to work, smile, decide and live the life she wants to and not just the way her man wants to. This decision has moved the muslim women above the fear and bitter threat to their life. She can now maintain her status, live life of her choice, raise the head high with dignity.

Indian women were burning with anger!

Several marches, protests, signature wars, ran to abolish these Gender Inequality issues from last few months. Every protest thundered “Womanhood” and promised to give Muslim women a life beyond fear. The efforts won over the heart of every women I know in India yesterday.

Honourable Supreme Court, I, a secular woman of India, salute your decision for taking step towards “Women Empowerment”.

This world is way above menfolk and a secular democracy is a way to live.Though many Muslim patriarchal and religious small groups may oppose the decision, I’m sure that parliament will pass on the bill. It was never a religious sentiment. Why shall God and Holy Quran preach Triple Talaq and ruin the lives of so many innocent women? I hear that thousands of cases are being registered against this practise by the suffering women. And so many just keep it in their hearts and continue to suffer and struggle through their lives, while the men remarry and enjoy their part. That is not called justice even in the books of God. This had be called off!

What lies ahead?

Yes, It is a landmark decision, but what about the women who have their cases filed and court trials running for Triple Talaq before yesterday? Now, is the turn to pass a complete bill and give such women a compensation they deserve to lead their life full of dignity. There has to be severe punishment norms for Men who have been faking women, her body, rights, money and her dedication. Rules are made for the benefit of a community and not to empower men and leave women in lurch.

I want to see the way modern India implements these amendments for the betterment of Muslim women. I wish to see some great norms being passed out to support a women in grief when her husband left her instantly.

This era is a Women’s era! I’m so proud to witness this change as we continue to grow and make a mark in this world.

[Requesting all my lovely readers to spread this word for the sake of Womanhood and her rights. Share your views and thoughts and spread it over social media as much as you can to help women lead a life of dignity. Thanks!]

Supreme court verdict against Triple Talaq

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