Foster Parent’s story : World Adoption day!

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This is NOT MY story, but of a friend very close to me. Showcasing her struggling emotions in the form of words. Hope I did justice in exhibiting her feeling of “Baby adoption” and how even a foster child can bring the ultimate euphoria in parent’s lives.

Adopt a child, make the world aware of adoption this world Adoption day on 9 Nov. Don't get dejected by Infertility, there are thousand's of babies awaiting your foster love. Be a Foster parent and support Adoption. #adoption #adoptchild #fosterparent #foster

Life was beautiful, I was in the arms of the man I loved swaying away with all the beautiful emotions this life could soak me into. After all, we married each other post a long family struggle and the resultant was divine.

We used to roam around hand in hand, immerse ourselves amidst Continue Reading