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10 reasons of Crying baby

10 reasons of Crying baby

Decoding Crying baby

Are you unable to identify as to “Why is my baby crying”?

Does your infant or toddler cries lots and you are just uncertain as to why does my infant cries? Read 10 most probable reasons as to why an infant or a toddler cries from my experience of Motherhood. #infantcry #cries #infantcries #toddlercry #whydoesmytoddlercry #cryingbaby #babycries #reasons #parentingtips #fornewmums

That stands true for almost every mom : Decoding the mystery as to why babies cry and how to make baby stop crying? None of the moms and dads have ever mastered this art or rather decoding a crying baby. After all crying is the only way for the child to communicate & ask for what they desire. Dealing with a crying baby is damn painful for the parents & triggers lots of hormonal secretions in moms .

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Is Baby Colic

Is Baby Colic

Colic baby? 

With much happiness the newborn is welcomed home , the joys are doubled and the emotions are quadrupled. Then suddenly in close to 2-weeks time, a messy situation is confronted; Crying baby, rather excessive crying baby . All at home seems to be jittered, unaware of the reason. Elders term is being Colic or call infant as Colic baby when they see baby crying for long stretches daily. But doesn’t that “Colic” term sound association with some “pain or disease”, although the crying baby might not suffer from any such painful colic?

Did you know what purple period of crying is for your infant? Are they crying incessantly during evenings/nights for some hours without any problem? This is Colic or Purple period, Read on how to identify and soothe infants in this phase now. Story of an experienced mama. #purpleperiod #cryinginfant #colic #formamas #mustread #motherhood #newmums #newmama #infantissues

What is Colic in infants?

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