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Machprinciple : The Facebook of academicians

Machprinciple : The Facebook of academicians

Machprinciple: The dawn of Educational Social Networking

The world is progressing, and so is the information available globally. Right from Social media to Google, every medium is becoming smart enough to give us the tag of “being updated” in every aspect. But, along with it comes the challenge of the right kind of information and an easy platform where one can get the holistic information.

While LinkedIn is for Corporates and Jobs, Facebook is for Awareness and Personal Insights. But when it comes specifically to education, more so for academicians, (who need to keep themselves abreast with varied researches Continue Reading

10 Awesome Spelling Games for Kids

10 Awesome Spelling Games for Kids

10 Awesome Spelling Games That Kids Could Play [Guest post]

Are you looking for a great toy that can be fun for your kids and teach them something new? Have you considered spelling games? While most parents may buy a toy or some piece of technology for their children, you could do your kids a favor and boost their imagination with these fun and interesting games.

Here are some of the best options of Spelling games :

Have you invested in Spelling games for kids yet? if not, here are 10 games that you're kids will enjoy and have fun. And in turn you'll be seeing an amazing grip in their vocabulary and spell learning . Do invest in some of these games. #spelling #vocabulary #games #kidsgames #spellgames #spellinggames #education #fungames

Match and Spell

Encourage preschool children to start recognizing letters and building words with this game. The goal of this game is to Continue Reading