Toy Story 4 review : Why kids must watch it?
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Toy Story 4 review : Why kids must watch it?

Toy Story 4 Review: A Disney Pixar Studio Production

With the vacations on an end, Toy Story 4 is a fresh and sheer delight equally for kids and adults. Bouts of laughter, reminders to be “humane” and inculcate empathy, is what Toy Story promises to its viewers. This is the work of brilliance when it comes to animated cinematography with amicable toys in Pixar’s popular Toy Story franchise.

After Toy Story 3, I thought that Sheriff Woody and Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear would have their ends, but the way this whole new story (of the humaneness of toys with a beautiful conscience), has been given life to, is indeed incredible. It has the right elements of fun, emotions, far-fetched actions, friendship, loyalty and yes some sweet romance (between toys) too. A Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios production, directed by Josh Cooley, Toy Story 4 has hit the box offices at the right time.

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Short Recap of Toy Story 3 :

I’m sure there are many fans of Toy Story sequels (including me). In the last movie, the important toys- Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Potato heads, along with few others were donated by college going Andy to Bonnie, after his mum gives him few choices to do away with these toys. It was difficult for Andy, who went misty-eyed looking at his memories with these toys and “Woody”, being the most precious of them.

Start of Toy Story 4: No Spoiler

The toys get a new Kid, Bonnie, a little girl who is all set to start her Kindergarten journey. “Woody”, slips into the bag of Bonnie, to support her on her Day 1 of Kindergarten. The little girl is all in tears to go to school and Bonnie feels it as an injustice if he isn’t there to be with her. When woody throws the scrap from the bin onto Bonnie’s school table to help her with the craft, Bonnie immediately lightens up to make a new introvert friend called “Forky”. All that she uses is a Spork (Fork cum spoon), Popsicle stick, dough, googly eyes, and pipe cleaner.

Hey, so meet Forky, who feels that his only coziest place is “Trash” as that’s what he is made for. This googly-eyed creature doesn’t want to be classified as a Toy, and Bonnie doesn’t want to lose Forky, even while she is asleep. Hence starts the fun of Woody and Forky and how Sheriff Woody ensures that Forky is out of Trash, every time he enters in. This fun continues in tit-bits until Forky is convinced on Bonnie’s Summer road trip to RV Camp beside a big Carnival.

As Woody and Forky finally plans to go to Bonnie, Woody feels the presence of someone. He feels the presence of old friend and Lady Love Bo Peep on Bo Peep’s lamp in an Antique toy store near the Carnival. The perilous yet full of adventurous fun starts then when they meet Gabby Gabby, a pull string doll along with her villainous dummies. Believe me, their crooked look and acts ensured that they were really scary.

The Plot begins: Toy Story 4

Gabby-Gabby, the doll, has a broken voice box and she is in a frantic search for a replacement. And the right one is just like the one that’s sewn in Woody. Whoa, that’s strange, but yes, she needs it now at any cost). She wants a kid to play with her and thus the desperation gives entangles her with malicious intent. As she and her henchmen grab Forky and Woody, while Woody escapes the clutches, he is unable to get Forky back. With an aim to bring Forky back to Bonnie, as this is the toy which she needs the most, Woody goes on to journey full of thrilling adventure.

Read out Movie Review for Toy Story 4 . With Brilliant animations, amazing storyline and lots of values to teach, Toy Story 4 is more than brilliant coming out right from the Disney and Pixar Studios. #disney #pixar #toystory #toystory4 #moviereview #animatedmovie #movies #kidsmovie

In the mid, he finds his lady love “Bo-peep”, who is now a lost toy, yet happy, once again. With the help of Bo-peep, Duke Caboom (Self-perceived best stunts-man riding his motorbike), Woody, and Buzz set on the mission to release Forky. The scenes turn quite comical, with Buzz, hearing out his recorded Inner voice always to take an action. The way other toys in the van re-route Bonnie and her parents back to the carnival, just to ensure that Woody and Buzz are back with them is absolutely hilarious. You feel the real pulse of ” yes, they’ve done it for their friends”! What an important message of Friendship they give.

What do you think?

  • Will Woody and Bo-Peep be able to release Forky from the clutches of Gabby Gabby and her Villains? If yes, will Woody have to sacrifice his Voicebox for the same?
  • Will Gabby Gabby really find a kid who loves her or she’ll remain as a Lost toy?
  • Would Woody settle with Bo-Peep leaving Bonnie or their Love story will find no happy ending?

There are ample things you need to figure out here and for this, watch it right away.

Conclusion for the Review of Toy Story 4:

Get your modes on for this 3D beautifully crafted movie with a soul and life’s morals for growing kids. Though the Gabby Gabby’s negative character and her outlook get unnerving. Arham actually became a little scared of her intentions with Woody and Forky. But the way it is dealt with, at times with humor and rest as emotional conversations, makes even those scenes fun.

My rating: 4.5

Movie Length: 100 minutes

Perfect for: Kids 4y+ (for their Understanding)

Qualities you can inculcate in Kids with Toy Story 4 in kids: Loyalty, Selflessness Empathy, Love

And if you’re impressed, make your Kids watch Toy Story 1, 2 and part 3 as well. But yes, not within a day!

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Read out Movie Review for Toy Story 4 . With Brilliant animations, amazing storyline and lots of values to teach, Toy Story 4 is more than brilliant coming out right from the Disney and Pixar Studios. #disney #pixar #toystory #toystory4 #moviereview #animatedmovie #movies #kidsmovie


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