What are Audiobooks and do we need them?

What are Audiobooks and do we need them?

My Journey towards Audiobooks :

It seems, I’m too late to start on this journey of Audiobooks. Simply because, reading an e-book never excited me as paperback books did, and so I never opted for Audiobooks too. But guess what, I was wrong as I’m simply loving myself engrossed in listening to my favourite thrill and fictional novels. That sounds quite radical, isn’t it? 

I remember myself as a voracious reader. The day I borrowed the novel, I used to finish my reads the same day, stretching in the nights to complete it. [I think I should let you know that I’m a morning person and in this world, only books had the power to make me a night owl]. School was all about borrowing books from library, and later college and professional world was about “buying novels”. What I see today is a big cupboard full of various genre novels, as a result of my love for books. But I wonder, what was the last time I read books?

The dust assimilates on the book tops, the pages turn yellow and my fingers await their turn to flip the pages.

Do you have no time to read the books you love? Then opt for Audiobooks, where you can listen the text of the book. What are audiobooks? #audiobooks #bookreading #reader #audible #books #listeningbooks

Why I really wanted Audiobooks?

It seems, I’m gone blurred in this “Book world”. Motherhood and the corporate job made me realize that 24 hours were too less, really less for me to continue many of my passions. And I left those lanes, of being a voracious reader. In this journey, many times I bought recent novels, but after turning 10-15 pages, they took their position with other books in the shelves. I felt lost, I wanted, but I couldn’t!

I remember, that day, I was going nuts. I felt like pulling my hair looking at the hubbub going around the house. The house, kid, work, all were driving me crazy. We have some bad hair days, right and it was one of them. Turning on music was genuinely not serving the right task. That was the day, some 4 months back, that I ventured for the first time into the world of “Audiobooks”. “Why not give it a try, it could usher me with that required change”. As I thought, my fingers tapped on Playstore to download the app.

After few hours I saw myself completely immersed into the thriller “Their Lost daughters”, yet completing my chores. Whoa!! Where was I before?

That day I re-kindled my passion for books and it has been a beautiful journey listening Audiobooks for me. Yes, I still love paper backs, and I’m sure, that obsession will return soon, someday!

What are Audiobooks and where do I find an Audiobook?

Do you have no time to read the books you love? Then opt for Audiobooks, where you can listen the text of the book. What are audiobooks? #audiobooks #bookreading #reader #audible #books #listeningbooks

Audiobooks are the voice recordings of the text of a book and rather than reading it, you are listening to that voice recording. Do you remember, earlier with paperback books we used to get the Audio CD as well?  Well, with Audiobooks, there is no need to buy or borrow any paperback and pile it in the bookshelf. Usually audiobooks are abridged versions or they can even be exact word to word versions. What they need is a simple download from various Audiobooks apps and you’re ready to listen to the latest/favourite books anytime. What you need is a smartphone, an app and the earphones! That’s it.

There are many Free apps, as Audible, Audiobooks, Oodles, which you can download, register and start reading the books from their repository.

All the apps have their own offers and deals, though I have been hooked to Audible, due to their superb archive, availability of new releases and Bestsellers and most of the authors you would love are there. There are apps as Libby, wherein you can borrow the books and start off. Give any of the apps you feel could be best for you, a shot .

Why do I love the concept of Audiobooks?

Do you have no time to read the books you love? Then opt for Audiobooks, where you can listen the text of the book. What are audiobooks? #audiobooks #bookreading #reader #audible #books #listeningbooks

While we are juggling with numerous responsibilities, its certain that we all lack that essential ”Quality time”. Audiobooks comes as a perfect rescue.

I love audiobooks simply for the reasons as :

1. Convenience :

Whether I’m cooking, or during my workout or commuting in a metro or travelling, listening to my selected novels gives me the pleasure and a perfect deviation from the “chores and tasks”. I need to move out of Social Media and stop scrolling those feeds and nothing goes better than listening to the books and imagining the same. 

2. No extra baggage :

Well, with a kid on board, we are always struggling with our baggages. I remember initially, when I used to visit my home town, I always had 2 novels in my bag. Sorry, its an irony, now we are always with a space crunch, removing some or the other pieces. And that’s why I love Audiobooks. They just ask your phone space [could be a little more, basis the app you love and their repository].

3. Saving money :

Well, we all are always leaning towards the instant offers and deals, isn’t it? So using these apps help you save lots of money. Borrowing books from apps as Libby is all the more cheap. Who doesn’t loves a penny saved?

At times these books are voice recorded by the creators and at times by others. I flow with the imaginations as I listen to these books and their experience is no lesser than the hard books. Believe me, you’ll still picturize the gripping scene as you did while reading. Then why not to have best of both the worlds?

You can save time, money, complete the daily chores and fulfil your responsibilities, yet get drenched with your lost passion!

How about you, have you ever read audiobooks? if, yes, share you favourite app and why do you love it?

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  1. Sajid Akhter

    Hi Jhilmil,

    Good informative post. I have heard about audio books however I have never tried them myself. Your post gives good information about them. It seems I may want to try them them and see how it goes.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Have a good day. 🙂

  2. Noor Anand Chawla

    Thanks for tellinh us about this. I’ve heard of Audible but not of the others. I will definitely check it out soon, its the answer to prayers of busy moms!

  3. Snehalata Jain

    So I have taken a I blink on iPhone which is audio book subscription for my self and I can listen to any place at any time

  4. Princy Khurana

    i started using audio books when i realized that after kids i just did not have enough time to invest in my hobby of reading. this is a wonderful option

  5. Priyal

    Hey this is something new for me and perfect too because it’s an audiobook. Thanks for sharing this information with us

  6. Wow, this is great. I think many times I find it difficult to read while travelling due to vehicular motion, this will be a great indulgence in that case.

  7. Ritu Kalra

    Audiobooks are an amazing option…Innever knew about it until I read this post..thanx for keeping me uodated with such wonderful option

  8. Sayeri

    You know Jhilmil, its a same story, there was a time when I used to hide story books under my text book even after marrige also we had a fixed reading time daily. But after Mickey things are changed completely. I also ask my hubby that can we get a day for more than 24hrs?Even I am running with every second and the bad part is I cant even read when I travel because I cant read in train or bus. E-book I also dont like but I think audio will be the best for me. I will try it soon.

  9. Akanksha Narang

    I think Audio books are perfect for us busy mums who are always running doing some errands. They are also perfect for travel or listening just before sleep and you dont need light or stress your eyes. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Rima

    I also love reading books but for my busy life now dont get much time for reading. So Audio books are so apt for me.

  11. Jhilmil D Saha

    Audiobooks is a new concept to me. Although I love reading books I hardly get the time now. This would be so much of use now.

  12. Deepa

    I have never listened to any audio book before but as you said, it will be interesting and engrossing to list to it.

  13. Charu Chittwal

    Audio Books have been my favorite for a good amount of time now, one of the best companions while travel, fun plus informative

  14. Bushra

    Idea of exploring audio books to our schedule sounds very good as it’s easy to listen to Favourite books on the go without worrying to fit them in our travel bag.

  15. Judy

    Even I hate reading e-books but audio books look to be an interesting option while on the go. WIll have to check this out.

  16. Shraddha Bhalla

    I recently started listening to podcasts and I’m absolutely loving it! Yet to get into audiobooks, although I’m sure it will be just as enjoyable

  17. Richa Mina

    I love the audibooks there narration is better than google speaking mode. I use audiobooks all the time that ways u can do other work too

  18. Preeti Chauhan

    I am an avid book lover and really appreciate the concept of audio-books and the fact that it can save time and storage space are big pluses for me .

  19. U K

    I may try the audiobooks someday now, after reading your post. They don’t seem to be as boring as I thought they are.


  20. Gurjeet Chhabra

    it sounds so interesting. busy life has made us kill our passion for reading. this is really going to gain our interest back

  21. Kajal kothari

    I never knew that audiobooks existed too. That does sound quite handy for ppl who are loaded with responsibilities to actually give time to reading.

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