What are Corporate FDs?

What are Corporate FDs?

Corporate FDs

Fixed Deposits are the most common form of Investment and most of our idle money is in the form of FDs with banks. Fixed deposits earn higher interest rates as compared to a regular savings account. In this time of the pandemic, when the interest rates on FDs have been lowering, as an investor, we have been looking for other instruments with better returns. But at times better returns come with a certain amount of increase in risk exposure. One such instrument which works very similarly to the Bank Fixed Deposit (FD) is Corporate Fixed Deposits or Company Fixed Deposits.

What is Corporate / Company Fixed Deposits?

Corporate Fixed Deposits are a kind of Fixed deposits, an alternate instrument for saving and investing. Usually offered by NBFCs, Company Fixed deposits are not every corporate/ company.

The major functioning of Corporate Fixed Deposits is mostly the same as Bank FDs, with the difference:

Comparision between Corporate(or Company) FDs vs Bank FDs, which yield more rate of Interest?

Examples of Corporate Fixed Deposits:

To invest in Corporate FDs, you need to avail the application form / apply online via the company’s official website or through your stockbroker. A few examples of Top Corporate FD rates and tenure are :

Company Name

ROI (as per the company website

on 15th August )


ICICI Home Finance FD

6.00% – 6.35%

12 months – 120 months

Shriram Transport Finance FD

7.25% – 8.09%

12 months – 60 months


7.00% – 7.25%

12 months – 60 months

PNB Housing FD

6.65% – 7.00%

12 months – 120 months

Sundaram Finance Company FD

6.71% – 7.00%

12 months – 36 months


Corporate FD

Bank Fixed Deposit /Term Deposit


Annual Rate of interest


Annual Rate of interest 

ICICI Home Finance FD

6.00% – 6.35%


2.5 – 5.35%

Shriram Transport Finance FD

7.25% – 8.09%

State Bank of India



7.00% – 7.25%

Axis Bank

2.5 -5.50%

PNB Housing FD

6.65% – 7.00%


2.5 -5.50%

Sundaram Finance Company FD

6.71% – 7.00%

Punjab National Bank

3 – 5.30%

*These rates are as on 21st August

Should one invest in Corporate FDs?

Due to the Indian and global economic slowdown in the COVID era, the rate of interest has gone down even in Corporate FDs. But if you have a short-term goal of a year to 3 years, and do not want to invest in stocks, equity-linked mutual funds, then the best option is to opt for Company / Corporate FDs.

Checks that need to be in place before investing in Company Fixed Deposits:

Though corporate FDs provide better interest rates, it is very important to analyze the fundamentals of the company you are planning to invest in. Hence, understanding the company’s credit health (more so during this time) has become imperative.

Every company’s credit health and rating have been defined by the credit rating agencies (CRISIL, ICRA, CARE). An investor needs to check the recent credit ratings and also understand the current market situation of that company.

Hence, as an investor, a risk assessment should be done on the company’s health before investing your hard-earned money.The risk lies only when the company goes bankrupt / faces liquidity crunch and may delay the payment of the principal/interest amount to the investors.

DHFL and IL&FS are classic examples of such a scenario and you can gain more insights by reading their case study.

Corporate Fixed deposit vs Corporate bonds:

Don’t get confused between both these terms, as both these investment avenues are different in terms of their yields and risky proposition. Also, bonds are listed and can be traded on the exchanges, but the Rate of Interest / Coupon rate may change based on the change in GOI bond rates.

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These are solely the opinions of the author. Though the information is well researched and true to the best of author’s knowledge, it cannot be a substitute for professional advice. This post does not guarantee or promises regarding the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the information presented. The information presented is only for informational purposes and shouldn’t be seen as any kind of advice. Always refer to your Financial Advisor for financial advice.

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