What are the habits of successful women?

What are the habits of successful women?

Habits of successful women:

Success and being successful is a very relative term. While a businesswoman might look successful to you, in her own eyes, she might not feel successful. Even a homemaker, having a happy and contented life, building kids future might feel successful for that matter. I’ve been contemplating what does being successful really means? Might be, having a highly successful corporate life, or having a high ROI business model or simply a happy family with an entrepreneurial model. That’s why I say its very relative. Success is accomplished when you achieve your goal/aim and that aim varies from person to person. But what I understand that at the end of the day, all successful women feels that peace and happiness from within.

Anne Sweeney, a former co-chair of Disney Media, rightly quoted, Define success on your own terms, achieve it by your own rules, and build a life you’re proud to live.

We all have certain role models, whom we admire and even try to imitate. But while imitating, often we tend to ignore the qualities a “successful woman” pursues. Unless we imbibe those qualities, a superficial follow makes no sense as it will not gain you that tag of success, even from yourself.

Success or Being successful is a very relative term. Successful women have some common characters and habits and this post shows habits of successful women #successfulwomen #womenempowerment #success #gratitude #life #woman #entrepreneur

Here are a few qualities, that I see, many global successful women possess. Keep reading to know them and also introspect if you have these traits?

5 qualities successful women have: 

1. An urge to do something “New” and Innovative:

This urge propels successful women to step out of their comfort zone and experiment. The more experiments you do, the more learning towards life and business you gather. These golden learnings are key to drive you towards excellence. It’s a matter of belief, belief in self and our abilities that keeps on pushing a woman to achieve her goals.

2. Move beyond the so-called “Obstacles”:

Life is never the sweetest, even for successful people. They too have crossed ample hurdles to achieve their goals. And this is a big understanding of life. Time Constraints, Procrastinations, Depressions, Fear, Negativity, lack of support, are some of the obstacles that keep on diverting you from your goals. Do you feel it’s true? And so do these hurdles cross of the path of these women too. But the difference lies in the ability to handle these stumbling blocks. Challenge these hurdles, narrow down these big rocks and make a trail that runs through them but ends in the greens [aka, your achievement]

3. Successful women are Kind hearted and believe in Gratitude:

This is one habit which I have seen in so many successful women. They don’t believe in trolling and pulling another woman down, rather they take pride in lifting up women surrounding them. They have that feel to “give it back to people and society” and they work on it so willingly. You cannot grow, pulling others down, and that’s a basic fact which needs to be in place. They have surpassed the emotions of Insecurity, Jealousy, Judging characters. They believe in their own actions rather than bitching on other women. Their actions are driven by #Gratitude and we all need to inculcate Gratitude towards life and people.

Kindness and Gratitude are a virtue that can end all your life’s struggles.

“A moment of gratitude makes a difference in your attitude ~Bruce Wilkinson”, just try to adopt it.

Success or Being successful is a very relative term. Successful women have some common characters and habits and this post shows habits of successful women #successfulwomen #womenempowerment #success #gratitude #life #woman #entrepreneur #thanksgiving

4. Stop comparing to another woman:

We rampantly compare ourselves, our lives, our relationships, our travels, and even our body with others. Why? In the past, even I have been guilty of comparing myself with few others, but sooner I realized and rectified. Other women are not our competitors, rather they are our companions. We need to feel the power of companionship which is very vital to become successful. Instead of wasting our energy into the “J-factor”, why not utilize the same energy to achieve our goals? Why not funnel that energy to bring a smile on some else’s face?

This is a very important trait a successful woman has, she has her own path created to achieve the goal and never compares her life with others.

5. Keep yourself updated and keep challenging yourself:

Keeping yourself educated may not necessarily be in an academic manner. But it means keeping self abreast wrt practical knowledge and understanding the happenings around. When a woman speaks in a conference, her knowledge speaks. I’ve heard when women simply rote up the main things, but they get nervous when any query other than what they spoke is posed on. This is not what we are talking about. Look at your surroundings, deep dive into the rationale, and the historic reasons, learn about the new researches. After all, it is related to your niche and work. With these continuous learnings, you’ll see a better version of yourself, you’ll attain that self-confidence and that is the path towards your success.

The most beautiful thing, a woman can adorn is Confidence and smile~Jhilmil

Challenge your learnings’ to break that monotony.

Ending the post with a thoughtful quote:

Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help and brave enough to ask for it ~ Anonymous

As you know that who is going to give you everything..well it is you, yourself! Time to learn more from successful women!

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