When Mom-a-thon turned into a family Durathon!

As the years are passing by, it seems that we have been losing the so called “Family time”. Most of us, seem to be worried about “me time”, but if we really observe, the togetherness of a family has been lost somewhere.

Do you remember, the fun of having food together which used to continue into long chatters? The early morning fun at parks have turned into gymming sessions. Crazy dancing time with family has converted into a party time at restaurants. The everlasting Ludo and snakes & ladder times have converted into video games time. I’ve forgotten indulging into water balloons or fishing out the shells from the sand for so long. And the list goes so on.

To be honest, I feel there is something lacking in our everyday life, the zeal, the spark. As we are advancing more into technology and social media, the more blurry things have become.  And more so for nuclear families, where the responsibility of raising kids, working, managing house chores is all on the able shoulders of the couples, we mostly forget how to get that family time.

I’m always running around the house, sometimes due to a Tom n Jerry chase with my son, and at other times to complete the chores on time. It looks like I’m always on a Mom-a-thon, lol. But, we need to find that time, in between the daily chores, in between those chases and atleast at night before going to bed, to have a close family time .

Durathon, a family run by Duracell #Marathon #Durathon #Familyrun #run #Delhi #Delhirun

So here are 5 Ideas to get that “Family time” for a loving and well-bonded family :

1.Daily Chores :

Well, don’t think them to be boring, make them interesting and lucrative. So what if my 3 year old wants to spread butter on bread for all, though it will be messy for sure. Encourage small things and get your family involved in simple chores. We’re all in the same kitchen, gossiping and singing at the cooking time. We love cleaning our beds and that too in a form of competition. Well, it gets full of laughter and smiles and the work gets done faster. I don’t miss out to reward my lil one for any new task he learns and helps me out with.

2. Play and Engage :

Just pull out that dusty board and play a chance of Ludo or Othello once again. After 4 years, I loved playing Scrabble with my hubby and celebrated the win. What was needed here was just forget the phones for an hour and indulge in some indoor games.

3. Adventure activities :

For us, adventure freaks, these activities are something to unwind and have a family time. Indulging in swimming, trekking, nature walks, horse riding are amazing options to have some life away from the noisy daily chaos.

4. Family Dinners :

Well, its not just the love for food, but also a love for personal time, that we appreciate family dinners. Its a quiet, peaceful time, wherein we discuss everything apart from office and school. We love to speak about new friends, new shows, interesting discoveries, update on sports and so on. They’re perfect to discuss over food with small family.    

5. Morning Routine :

You seem to be healthy, what’s the need to run and jog? Well, that’s for family fitness. What could be better than jogging with the family and breathing the pure air in the garden? What could be better than to praise the colourful blooms of the spring? Wouldn’t it be awesome, to allow kids to learn the seasons and the beautiful flowers while we jog or walk? That is a lovely family time, which also involves ample practical learnings for kids.

The concept of Family run by Duracell, #Durathon :

Durathon, a family run by Duracell #Marathon #Durathon #Familyrun #run #Delhi #Delhirun
Yay! I love this!

And to encourage this Family time, Duracell, the consumer battery company, has come up with the unique concept of Family run, “Durathon, with their iconic adorable bunny. The #DurathonFamilyRun – A Family Run, will take place on 25th March 2018, Sunday in Delhi.

The focus here is not just to run and win, rather to run with family, kids, have fun and win as a team. Isn’t this concept beautiful and intriguing too? To encourage participation of kids, this run is divided into 2 categories, 2kms and 5kms.   

And hey mama’s, papa’s and kids, you know who would be there to grace up this amazing concept? Well, Indian celebrity mom and fitness enthusiast Mandira Bedi, will be there with her son for all the inspiration and motivation.

The opportunity to run as a family, alongside kids and with the super adorable Duracell’s iconic bunny, can be no less than a great ideation of their team. Just like their everlasting batteries and running bunny, it is a time to unleash the power of “Family bond”.  So, I’m all planned to circle up the date, as I’m not clowning around. You too mark the same, 25th march, 6:30AM. Register your entries on Duracell website well in time, or you can even register via Bookmyshow.

For further assistance sms DRUN FAMILY to 56677, Email. durathonduracell@gmail.com

Hope to see my fellow readers family at the Durathon!

Durathon, a family run by Duracell #Marathon #Durathon #Familyrun #run #Delhi #Delhirun
David Abraham, Duracell Marketing Director [Middle East and India]

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