With Love,To DAD !

Hey Friends, I really couldn’t wait for “Father’s day” to share my feelings for him:). I’m a proud daddy’s girl for sure! Dad’s get very less of the Pie, so here is all of it for him, as he has been whole pie for me!

Daddys girl

When I was brought into this world..

A dad is someone who hugged me to provide his warmth,

Who….When I was a Kid…

Had sleepless nights to make me sleep,

Made himself silly & ridiculous to make me smile & laugh,

Forgot his pains to give me lovely rides,

Let me play in the sand to make me strong,

Embraced me every day & I shrieked with elation to be with him ?  

When I was growing, from kid to Teenager..

A dad became someone who never made me do any work,


Never asked me to study hard when I was small, (I hated to study, LOL)

Was the saviour to me from harsh studies,

Encouraged me to be naughty &indulge in lots of Play,

Guided me to be “Master of All” & not just studies,

Never made me polish my shoes or even bring a glass of water,

Ensured that his pampering was enough to make me puckish ;),

Saved me from the brunt of my MOM,

Made me travel and adventure addict,

Made me aware of the goodness this world carries,

Made me laugh and giggle by being a kid himself ,

Struggled himself to make all my wishes come true; But

Never made me aware of the word “Struggle”,

Gave me a lavish adolescence with full freedom of thought, heart & mind.

Cared & loved the most when I became sick !

When I was a college-goer to getting married

My Dad is one, Who became my mentor for higher studies ,

His dream to see me big, made me achieve academic success,

His separation for studies made me frantic, but made me learn to face the world,

He …

Taught me right & wrong, to stand firm on my decisions & beliefs ,

Rejoiced in my every victory and motivated on every loss,

Made me smile in my Pain, crying within himself to see me smile,

Ran from pillar to post to make my marriage a grand affair,

Understood my feelings to marry the Man of choice!!

…Post Marriage

Nothing has changed dear Dad post marriage,


Made me realize my responsibilities,

and made me aware of the struggles with the strength to kick them off,

Motivated me to fulfil my dreams,

Gave everything, your sweat, time, money, when I was carrying a little baby,

Showered all your love to the new born,

And we hugged to love each other forever:)

Closing Note!

Such is the power of you Dear DAD, your dominance makes me laugh, ways makes me feel that you are still a kid. Your immense tolerance & love has made me a loving human, gigantic heart you’ve carried has made me love all , whose mantra of Humanity has made me the person I am today! You are my stepping stone of success today!

I may have found the prince of my life, but you will remain the KING not just in this life but in all life’s I live !! Words cannot express, Speech cannot say, My pen isn’t stopping from writing this post. Nothing in this world can help me express how much I love and respect you, how much honour I feel to be a part of you! Thanks for touching my life now & from ages..

Dad's love

Yes Dad, a big Hug to you for all you have done for me!

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