Women Safety : India the most dangerous country? Not really

Women Safety : India the most dangerous country? Not really

India Most Dangerous Country For Women?

Few days back, the report published by Thomson Reuters Foundation survey declaring India as the most unsafe country for the women came as a disturbing news to me. After spending 3 decades in India, that doesn’t sounds a truth backed by the actual facts. Even war torn & Islamic “terrorist-laden” countries like Iran , Afghanistan, Pakistan , Syria were ranked better than India. Women Safety is prime, but we need to focus on root level now.

Certainly there are some issues with the authenticity of report, could be the sample size was small or the respondent base was not diversified. Also population of India is much higher than other countries listed out so the ratio could be easily biased. So, it casts doubt on the findings of the report and unfortunately being an Indian citizen I really don’t’ want to accept these facts.

Is india really the most dangerous country in the world for women? Being an Indian women, I really do not acknowledge this biased report but here are some facts for Indian women safety. #safety #indianwomen #UNreport #ThomsonReuters #survey #india

But for a moment, let’s put aside the report, close our eyes, tickle up our gray matters and think broadly as to how many rape, sexual harassment cases have have noticed in the newspapers / TV news/Social media in last few days. Right from Kathua, Unnao, Surat, Manipur, Delhi the common denominator has been “Women”. And its getting more disturbing when it is drifting towards “minors” now who don’t even understand the meaning of these terminologies.

Even Social Media has given a way to increase it, so many trolling campaigns are going rampant. Trolls don’t even think before issuing threatening and using abusive language on women posts, and target even to the topmost women leaders in country. Isn’t that a melancholic state of a liberal country?

The real issues of India 

Since Independence, every Political party manifesto has highlighted four issues :

  • Women Safety
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Education for all
  • Affordable Healthcare for all

While we have made some progress on 3 issues, the foremost one has been transformed into a gigantic black hole. Numerous talks, ample committees, protests, marches have been the focus from last couple of years, but still such news is increasing. Is something really making a difference, or the strategies by our leaders really working on the mass levels?

If our leaders think that condemning those on “Social Media” or launching various apps / helpline to report crime is enough then it’s time to change those leaders. On personal note over the years I understood that these things cannot change overnight, but probably there is still something un-catered towards Women Safety aspect.

A women’s lookout for the Safety of Indian women :

Recently I had a chance to attend a CII conference over Women Safety which had incredible speakers from Judicial, Police and the CII wing as well. Some inferences which I, as a women feel needs more of focus are :

1. Indulge in the term “RESPECT FOR WOMEN “right from grass root level of primary education. It is the duty of every parent to act and teach their kids that women/girls are not the weaker side of the coin but they are the strongest link, who bind everyone. These topics needs to be a mandatory part of schools and college curriculums. We need to teach “boys”, “Men” how to see a girl and a women!

2. Abolish the concept of single sex schools, even in the government ones. Women are treated as “objects” for growing boys and teenagers. Hence, their perception needs to be changed right from a preschool.

3. Right exposure at home : Why will only a women be designated for cooking in the kitchen? Kids need to know that every work on this planet can be done by both the genders and in an equal manner. This will ensure no bias-ness or introduction of gender based roles in the young minds.

4. More women on the roads : I rarely see a women guard in the park and these parks are actually haunted by men in the evening and during night, which obstructs a lone women from entering them. More women guards will allow more of women to show up in the public places and more men will become comfortable seeing women. More women street vendors need to come up.

5. Awareness : If you ask a student about the Sexual harassment act or about an ICC at their universities, what % do you think would know about these implementations? Laws are there but we really lack on the implementation and awareness level. There is a need for mandatory training for every women in this country wrt laws, help we can get and about the women rights.

6. Juvenile? So what? A crime is a crime, be it a 15 year old teenager or a 50 year old. We need to rephrase juvenile laws and remedial measures really needs to be looked upon.

Is india really the most dangerous country in the world for women? Being an Indian women, I really do not acknowledge this biased report but here are some facts for Indian women safety. #safety #indianwomen #UNreport #ThomsonReuters #survey #india

What’s the future?

This issue and more so now this report, is not the one which is only hurting our sentiments but this will even impact our economy as well. International tourist’s or workforce will avoid India as a place to venture out. Even right now when countries and embassy’s issue travel advisories for India, it shows how they look towards Indian conditions, which is really painful being an Indian.

Its time for the Governance, Policy makers, Parents and kids to wake up to this alarming situation jointly and take a swift action before things run out of time. It is a time, we the common men and women of the country stand up to say “ENOUGH is ENOUGH” and have another revolution. May be there is still some time left or I think the time is already over, just waiting for one to torch the baton .

There are so many arduous thoughts running in the mind of this Indian women, this post will remain unfinished and the so does the anger.

India is not that unsafe as projected upon, but we need to show up that we are 100% safe country. Indian’s, share up your thoughts in the comments section, the small things which will create an impactful start for us.

Till Then,

Let’s live with a clean soul!


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  1. Ruchie

    Time to mark changes and understand what we can do for betterment and safety…it’s long discussion

  2. Noorain

    It’s a very sad, but a heartbreaking reality of our country. Thank you for sharing this & creating awareness.

  3. Priyanka Patwari

    India’s rural, less-educated, and hidebound population must certainly work towards modernizing its attitude towards women.

    But calling India “most dangerous country for women” is not only a bald-faced lie, it’s also counterproductive to the cause of women.

  4. Deborah Miranda

    Wow.. i love some of the strong pointd you put across. Think we as women need to learn to no longer feel like the weaker sex. Need that confidence in our selves to shine through.

  5. Rakhi

    This is such an empowering post. Indeed lot of measures mentioned by you needs to be taken to ensure that we women are safe and no one calls our country unsafe.

  6. Charu Chhitwal

    I totally agree with your points and most strongly with the juvenile pony. If they commit crime they pay for it. Simple

  7. Prerna Sinha

    Women safety is a big issue in India. People need to realise that they cannot objectify women in the way they do!! Great article!

    1. Jhilmil

      That’s what and I believe that now for this every women needs to start the change right from her house and by educating her kids. Thanks for sharing your views Prerna!

  8. Dipika Singh

    Very well pointed out Jhilmil, women safety is the biggest concern in our country. The irony is we worship the goddess and then do such heinous acts of crime against the same idol’s mortal avatars. The problem lies in our grass-roots, we need gender sensitization but before that, we need equal education for all.

    1. Jhilmil

      That’s what, why do we worship our goddess then, when we can’t respect our girls right here. We are objectified by these sections and its only a good education, a change in every household and Indian mentality which can create an impact. Thanks for sharing out your views!

  9. zainab

    I wish something can be done about this issue. I feel women, kids, and even boys are unsafe Sadly.

  10. jhilmildsaha

    Its a real grave situation we are going through. When text books and class notes come out with sentences like women are those who cook, clean and raise children, there is little hope that things would change soon.

  11. Sayeri

    Is it? I didn’t know. See where a girl child is not acceptable, how could you think that woman will be safe there!! The point you have mentioned is very true.
    Especially there shouldn’t be no single-sex school. I was in a girl’s school so who knows better than me!!
    And yes, if we get more female guards, more women police then the situation will be better than now.
    Completely agreed with you for this Juvenile act. A crime is a crime. If a 15 yrs can rape a girl then he can get death sentence too.

  12. Snehalata Jain

    Very true yaar even when i read i thought i should pen down my views, and then saw so many women in real life has gone through this molestation and never spoke abt it and we only speak abt empowerment, where ia safety first?

  13. Mri

    You have no idea how much I loved this post! What you mentioned is what i preach daily in front of my family and friends… We need to make a difference at the base level!

  14. Khadija

    The quotes on the picture is a reality check and thought provoking

  15. Khushboo

    This is really informative and important post. I agree women safety is very important.

  16. Varsh

    You’ve touched on some very pertinent topics, Jhilmil. The effects of this report can be far-reaching. We need to take concrete steps to make women feel safe in our country again.

  17. Sangeeta

    Depressed at what has happened to our country and scared at the same time. It is high time this changes!

  18. Ishieta

    You had me nodding along with your suggestions. I absolutely agree, we need more women out there, and definitely harsher punishments for offenders!

  19. Shilpa Garg

    You have raised a very important issue that needs to be addressed on a war footing. I am sick of reading about the shocking incidents women have to face almost every day in our country. And that the culprits do not leave even the toddlers and kids make my blood boil. I wonder when these atrocities against women will end!

  20. Nisha Malik

    I too read the report . even quota had miscellaneous posts regarding the same while condemning the report. To some extent women’s safety is an issue, but I don’t agree that it the most dangerous place for women.

  21. Alexx bloom

    In india most of the families just take this thing of women safety as a arrow to release when womens think to do some work , or choose their dreams . I think teaching females to defend is more important no matter where she live

  22. Surbhi Mahobia

    I agree with Dipika. The gender sensitisation should be taken care of firstly. I don’t think that same gender schools are that big a nuance. The main challenge is in smaller cities and town where the whole gender is a taboo. There is a huge literacy and education gap.

  23. Yogeeta

    Such an eye-opener post. Totally agree to the co-education part, it is important that we study together and understands girls and respect them.

  24. I feel people are missing the point. Whether it is first or fifth, we still are in the bottom rung and thus highly unsafe. And we need to change that instead of arguing about other countries. People need to demand more from their government’s and fellow citizens.

  25. Humaira

    Amazing and inspiring post. Instead all other issues of our country, the biggest issue is unemployment and security for all. Very insightful thoughts.

  26. Judy

    TOday only I read that in a posh building of Gurgaon the man of the house raped his daughter’s 18 yr. old friend who had come for a sleepover.. where are we heading to.. But it is good to know that now women including his daughter are raising theeir voices against it. She did not try to coverup the crime but supported her friend.

  27. Namrata

    That was the best reality check post I have read till date. Thank you for sharing this.

  28. alpanadeo

    It is sad to read this about our own country but it is true to some extent. The kind of incidents that are happening in India these days are upsetting. Respect towards women as a human being, instilling good values in our kids, use of education properly may helps the situation to done extent.

  29. Geethica Mehra

    Juvenile laws needs to be revised. When he can rape then he can be punished also. But now there is an increase in women police at many places.
    The change has to be in the minds first.

  30. Roma

    It’s painful that we are at last position in women’s safety, I agree with you that the stats may be screwed but the impending danger is too critical and the need of the hour is to correct this situation.

  31. Neha Tambe

    Very relevant points jhilmil. Though I don’t agree that India is one of the most dangerous place in the world for women, I agree that a lot can be done to be a role model in civil society.

  32. Vasantha Vivek

    It’s really heartbreaking to read That our country is unsafe for women. the suggestions mentioned in the post look promising.

  33. Nupur

    Women need to take over their safety. Self defence is important.

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