Women’s Day out with Ariel #Sharetheload and Captain Marvel

Women’s Day out with Ariel #Sharetheload and Captain Marvel

Right start of Women’s day with #ShareTheLoad

The essence of Women’s day is not just about hanging out with best friends for shopping, dining, drinking and then getting back to the regular chores the very next day. It’s much beyond that one day fun. The real need is to make the Men in your life ponder over how they can help, participate, appreciate and contribute to the efforts of the women in their life.  Probably this way the celebration will no longer be a one-day fanfare but it will be a life long celebration full of harmony and love. Our Women’s day celebration went with a social message and then watching the Captain Marvel movie!  

Its time to #sharetheload men, that's the biggest gift you can give to the women in your life. Watch this wonderful initiative by Ariel and watch out the Superwoman movie Captain Marvel. #Captainmarvel #hollywood #superhero #arielcampain #socialmessage #sargunmehta #Ravidubey

#SharetheLoad event by Ariel :                                                                           

Ariel has been sharing this social message of sharing the load equally among men and women (son-mom, husband-wife), through various channels whose target audience is Men. The Tagline #sharetheload, in its third consecutive year,  explains how our world is still divided by virtual social walls. Even in the 21st century, where men & women are considered to have pre-defined roles. This thought-provoking campaign by Ariel has indeed worked amazingly well in changing the thought process of men in the family. But the work is still to be done, as even today 50% of the men think that laundry is just women’s job!

Years ago, Women were usually confined in their homes and hence were considered as a homemaker while Men used to be the prime bread earner. We have been witnessing the steady shift, isn’t it? Women have already expanded their horizon and are climbing the ladders in the corporate world. Men still have to break the shackles, enter into the household chores and make a Woman’s responsibility into a Family Responsibility.

Its time to #sharetheload men, that's the biggest gift you can give to the women in your life. Watch this wonderful initiative by Ariel and watch out the Superwoman movie Captain Marvel. #Captainmarvel #hollywood #superhero #arielcampain #socialmessage #sargunmehta #Ravidubey

Captain Marvel Screening along with the Social Message :

This Women’s day, Ariel did an event at Select City Walk Mall, Delhi where they invited TV celebrity Ravi Dubey along with his Mom & Wife, Sargun Mehta. Ravi talked about how he feels household works should be equally shared. Sargun Mehta mentioned how Ravi walks the talk by making first coffee in the morning and always helps in cleaning the house. Sargun is out for many days due to her professional commitments, hence  #sharetheload is an everyday reality for them.

For this Ravi thanked his mother who actually taught him all the household chores, doing laundry, at an early age. She was way above the thought process of “ Boys are not supposed to do these chores and that their women should handle household chores”.

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Yes, it's time that we make 👬 doing laundry a reality! To me honestly, this gender biasness never worked. I always saw my dad helping mama in household chores(as she too was a working woman), and the most he loved was laundry (even today😂). Having this culture at home, always made me cherish the happiness in sharing the load of each other. . This International women's day @ariel.india , in its 3rd year of #sharetheload initiative, invited us to be a part of special screening 🎬of the movie #captainmarvel , along with the celebrity family, @ravidubey2312 , his lovely mom and the beautiful @sargunmehta 🤗 . . This thought provoking campaign by Ariel has indeed worked amazingly well in changing the thought process of men in the family. The way these men try to help out the superwomen in their house, is commendable. But the work is still to be done, as yet 50% of the men think that laundry is just women's job! Nah! When women is out earning neck to neck, when she is climbing💹 the corporate ladders, how can household chores be just her's? . Watching the screening of Captain Marvel movie at @pvrcinemas_official once again made me feel empowered as a woman! . What is your thought #instafamily On sharing the load? Did you watch this movie yet? . . . . #mycaptainmarvelous #mysuperwoman #mywomanmycaptain #superwoman #changeisgood #initiative #captainmarvelmovie #hollywoodbowl #womensday #happyfamily👪 #superhero #celebritycouple #delhigram #womenwhowrite #ariel #laundryday #womenempowerment #womeninspiringwomen #motherhoodunplugged #momtogs #ohheymama #celebrateyourself #genderequality #fightforit #buszybus #marchzday

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Ariel’s new TVC has shared the same idea through a heart touching commercial. It reflects the emotions of a mom who sees her daughter quitting her high profile job. The reason being simple, men in the house does not support her in routine household works. While she feels surprised over her Son-in-law’s behavior but later realized that even she has not taught any chores to her son. This change of culture and thought process has to start right at an early stage. We women, need to make men responsible and learn to share the responsibilities, rather than leaving all work to women in their life.

Watch Ariel’s TVC #ShareTheLoad here :

Fortunately, My husband has been an ideal example of how sharing the load helped us run our family together. He is always ready to take up my responsibilities, to ease out my burden. Going forward, we’ve planned to teach the same value to our kid, to ensure that it passes through the generations.

Captain Marvel Screening :

After this event, we went for an exclusive screening of Captain Marvel movie, organized by Ariel in association with PVR Cinema. This is probably the first movie showcasing a real Superwoman coming directly from the Marvel Studio, which is known for their Avengers series of superhero movies. The lead character is played by Brie Larson who displays power, control, and authority right into her body language to dialogue delivery. It’s an action-packed movie with tons of out of world special effects sequence. Overall it fits the bill of 360-degree entertainer, which sets the tone right for the upcoming Avengers “END game“.

So this women’s day was all sorted with a well-communicated message along with an opportunity to interact with TV heartthrob Ravi Dubey & Sargun Mehta. It ended with the essence of woman superpower through Captain Marvel.


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  1. Sajid Akhter

    Hi Jhilmil,

    This is a good post. Nice content with good pictures. Keep posting.

    Have a good day.

  2. Noor Anand Chawla

    This is a really wonderful campaign led by Ariel. It is a much needed message we must pass on to our children. How was the movie?

  3. Sandy N Vyjay

    It is nice to see a brand like Ariel promoting a concept like, “share the load”, and what can be more appropriate than launching it on Women’s Day. It is necessary for a family that everyone contributes in equal measure to share the load and this is what makes life interesting and happy for all.

  4. Hema Gayatri

    Kudos to Ariel for this brilliant concept of “Sons #Sharetheload”. The sons of today become husbands of tomorrow. Hence, we should prepare them to be equal partners. More brand should come up with such things.

  5. Neha Jella

    Such a great initiative by Ariel. All things you mentioned above are really necessary i do agree on all those gender equality is such a huge topic.

  6. Jhilmil D Saha

    Very Happy to see the initiative taken by Ariel. They are promoting a very strong message. It is very important to share the load. Oh and looks like you had a very fun time.

  7. Rituka Bisht

    Exactly celebrating one single day as Women’s Day is not correct according to me Women’s Day is celebrated every day and every week a special thanks to the lady who spent half of her life living for others and love the pictures and I have seen the stories on Instagram it was amaIng

  8. prernasinha2000

    Ariel has come up with such an amazing initiative. Even we try to share the load. I learn a bit of finance and my hubby teaches the kids when he can. We’re both ready to share each other’s load at any point and I’m sure when my boys grow up, they’ll support their partner in the same way.

  9. Deepa

    A great initiative by Ariel. It’s initiative if share the load is important too and men need to understand it. Laundry is great way to.start.

  10. Reetuparna Saha

    Wonderful initiative taken up by aerial on the occasion of women’s day. The times have changed now and it is important that we share the load in our households.

  11. Mrinal Kiran

    Sharing the load is important… Both men and women should work together… Gender bias is really frustrating! It’s amazing to see such a big brand coming up with this great initiative!

  12. Anubhuti Seth

    Good initiative.. Its important for the men to understand that house is an equal responsibility..

  13. Charu Chittwal

    The share the load campaign by Ariel is to damn beautiful, it has so precisely targeted the very right emotional chord of the potential customers, I hope you enjoyed Captain Marvel too ?

  14. Nisha

    We always feel we could have someone to share our responsibility and load. Atleast we can make sure that our kids are raised as responsible human. It’s a very nice initiative by Aerial.

  15. Judy

    Ariel’s this years campaign looks promising as it seems to talk to the sons for joining in sharing the load. The event especially the celebrity interaction looks pretty engaging and nice.

  16. Ruchi Verma

    This is one of my fav initiative that Ariel has taken up…we need to understand and spread this and raise our kids in beautiful gender equality society!!

  17. Directingdreams

    This is indeed need of time to teach our little ones about gender equality and raise them without gender bias. Share the load is an amazing initiative by ariel

  18. Aditi

    wow…. seems you enjoyed at lot on women’s day. No doubt Ariel is one of the best brand among clothes washing powder. Like all the pics specailly the gravityone effect.

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