You are precious, Happy Grandparents Day!

Happy Grandparents Day!

 Dearest GrandMa and GrandPa,

I remember you dressing me up for school,

I miss the way you got me my Favourite Sweets,

I wish to go back again on those serene morning walks holding your hands,

I want to eat those delicious pickles and “Missi ki Roti” once again,

I miss going to temples and enjoying the way you took me around,

I still remember the way you got my praises all around,

I loved the way you made my braids and played “Tipi-tipi top”,

I really wish to go on the terrace and fly those kites with you again!

I still remember your warm morning hugs to get me out of my sleep,

And going in Rajdhani train, eating Mangoes and yummy “Gatte ki sabji”,

I wish, to cherish all of this once again forever Dear Grandma and Grandpa.

Oh my God, I realized while penning this down that I miss you both dada – dadi so much. Beautiful were those days, rather the golden days of my childhood and teen which I got to spend under your contemplation. The care and love you showered on me got me boast of all the goodies of life. You held my hands whenever I slipped, and got me my favourites whenever I demanded. Life was so beautiful when I was with you.

A small incident of my life :

I wanted to narrate one small incident which I can never ever forget in my life. I was my my adolescence and was hanging with my girl friends outside a nearby Ice cream parlour and having a lovely chat. Suddenly 2-3 boys hovered around us and started teasing. Soon I recognised one of them as he stayed close to our house. Well, sad they didn’t knew that I was pursuing my “Karate classes” and was just few steps to get my Black belt.

They had for sure ignited me with their misbehaviour and comments. As God wanted, I couldn’t resist and bashed them for next five minutes with all the crowd watching in astonishment. I went back home, giving them the warning to never tease girls and pass those lewd remarks. It was a matter of dignity after all.

I didn’t knew that the bashing went little harsh on them and the next day I witnessed their moms coming all over to my house. Ah, I saw them from the window and quickly made my entry in the house’s store. I didn’t want to face them. I was sure my dadi would handle them all, though I had not narrated her this incidence.

Worst part they changed the story and blamed “me” for misbehaving with the two boys and then bashing them..Huh, Why and how would I have done that? But where did the patience lie in my Grandma to listen something negative about me. She got whole colony assembled and said that she had numerous instances to prove that who was guilty. There were many girls vouching on those boys behaviours. [I heard all this hiding, Oh did she knew it really?] And gave them a last warning to get their boys behaviours corrected rather than pointing towards daughters. The matter did not end here, she got them such an amazing talk that the next day those two boys personally came to say her a sorry.

Happy Grandparents Day!

How much grandparents mean to you!

Wow! Great, my heart was thumping with happiness. When they went she didn’t even ask me the incident rather kept on saying what all had happened and how she made them show the exit. Like a small girl, I just lay my head and thanked God to have given me such a strong grandma. Not just strong but also a granny who had so much faith in me. The way she fought for me, the manner she showed her confidence in me got me in my tears and I just hugged her for being what she was.

My grandpa and Grandma meant so much to me! Now, they both are in their late 80’s and still have the same charm when I meet and talk to them. Every time I hear them saying, take care of you and your kids. It’s the time, when I should have taken care of them, but they never spoke of it. Living in different cities, it gets me more than 3months to meet and hug them. But even today, whenever I meet them, I see those sparkles in their eyes, I see the gleaming smiles as I rush towards their arms wide opened for me! I feel their hearts beating for me. My granny still makes my favourite food when I go to meet her, irrespective of her health. My grandpa still tries to play with me, as he did when I was small. It’s just so beautiful, cherishing those little memories which are still fascinating for me as well as them.

My love for them!

My Grandparents
My Grandparents with me and my sis some 25years ago!

So today, as I’m writing this post, the whistle as blown and I’m all inside the train. All those beautiful memories made me nostalgic and I promised my inner self to give them a surprise. I have got nothing for them except a heart full of love and eyes wishing to see them smile.

I don’t have any special plans, But I want to cook their favourite food and make them eat today. I want to take them back to those beautiful hills where we had our morning walks and the same old temple to pray for their long happy life. I’ve got no present for them, due to my sudden visit plans. But I’am sure they are always waiting to see me rather than any gifts. I want to put my head in my granny’s lap once again and make her feel special and loved. I wish to see any “Indian Cricket match” with my grandpa today and shout like crazy at the fours and sixes and curse when we hear “Out”. I just have some 7-8 hours to be with them before I get back in my train for a working Monday! But I wish to get the best of these hours of my life. I once again want to make memories, just with them. #HappyGrandparentsday #GrandparentsDay

After all it is a moment to #LoveJatao for your beloved grandparents!

That’s for you dear readers :

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

Happy Grandparents day! Make them feel special! Check out this beautiful video which got me into tears!

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