Zeroes Delhi needs to gun for!

Zeroes Delhi needs to gun for!

Delhi, the heart of India, has been in news for lots of reasons. While it has a big heart, a decent life, lots of growth opportunities, yet there is a dark side, which needs to be worked upon. Not just by the Government, but there need to be small efforts starting from every home, from every school.

Here are 5 Zero’s, I wish Delhi could achieve:

Zero Pollution:

From last few years, with the installations of Air Quality Monitoring systems, we have been monitoring the changes in AQI really closely. Winters made us struggle, as the new flashed “worst Air Quality recorded” nearly every day. With Summers in, where are we swinging? From Hazardous to Very unhealthy or Unhealthy for most of the times, but when are we going to enter the Safe zone of AQI? When will we be able to breathe fresh and give kids the atmosphere we lived in during our childhood?

It’s time that we need to work towards Zero Pollution, be it in small groups or as a part of a larger community.

Zero Traffic Jam:

How many hours are wasted honking and cursing the traffic? The time, which can be spent with family laughing, goes wasted in those heavy traffic Jam’s. Combined with pollution, it gives a feel like sitting inside a gas chamber. Where do we go? Do we have an alternative to these Jams? Can nothing be worked out to minimize the stretches which are a sheer waste of our precious time?

Delhi, you have a big heart but This is what we need to achieve for Delhi #Delhi #sodelhi #BlogchatterA2Z #A2Zchallenge

Zero discrimination:

Be it Discrimination against Race, or Gender or Corporate discrimination, this millennial generation, asks an end to it. Why does a pregnant woman need to quit her job forcefully? Why will a woman be paid less, for the same work her male colleague does? And why can only a woman do the laundry and cooking? Why are women shunned from entering Places of God? This century, we need to start a Zero tolerance towards any type of Discrimination. take a Pledge towards it.

Zero Plastic:

Time to bring into practice what we read and learned. Reduce, reuse and recycle. In 2018, India was the official host of World Environment Day, and the theme was Beat Plastic Pollution. (#Worldenvironmentday  #beatplasticpollution)

But as an individual, what are we doing to curb this menace? How do you feel when the plastic waste floats in the water closer to you, as you relax on the beach? While it’s a global problem, look around in the house, and our daily lives, if we are draped in Plastic? Every plastic utility has a better eco-friendly alternative. Read this post of mine to beat plastic Pollution.

Zero Crime:

Are the school’s safe? There was a news in 2018 stating India as the most Unsafe country. Well, I don’t think so, but yet we are to achieve the benchmark, where our kids are safe in the van’s, where we feel safe even while traveling in the cab at 2 am. It’s time that the rules are drafted that every citizen abides by it and the ones who flout are punished. 

Its an era, where we need people to be sensitive enough to help others in distress. We need that Delhi, where the judicial system acts fast and the criminals fear the fate.

Can we achieve these Zeroes? 

This is the last post for the campaign #BlogchatterA2Z.

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    Loved and unique way of ending your series my dear. It was a pleasure sailing this AtoZ journey with you. Keep up the good work. All the best for the ebook carnival ♥️

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