Zillion ways to express your love for children

Zillion ways to express your love for children

How to express your love for your children?

In this COVID-19 phase, I feel anxiety in the eyes of every person. And this anxiousness passes on to kids, which can become too overwhelming for them. They need their parents to answer their questions, they need assurances from them and yes they need more love and warmth. Their tender hearts and naive minds often make them baffled and worried. To pull them out from this jittery situation is to show them feel more loved, safe, and secure and what better could be than showing your love for children?

We might tell them that, we love them a zillion times, but there are more effective ways to show that love in the form of actions. Children immerse themselves in the feeling of love when shown in the form of actions.

Expressing your love for your children is very important in these anxious times of COVID-19. Read ways to show them more love, safe and secure #blogchatterA2Z #COVID19 #staysafe #lovekids #emotionaldevelopment

There are zillion ways to show your love some of which include:

1. Bear Hugs and Cuddles:

Believe in cuddling your children multiple times a day. A child while growing needs different kinds of sensory stimulations. Skin -to-skin contacts, and other contacts like hugging work wonders for a child’s cognitive and emotional growth, and science has proven it. Hug them early in the morning, show them the warmth of your pure love.

Let them also share their affection with you. Our mornings are full of happiness after those cuddles and bear hugs. Hugging releases the feel-good hormones, which are good for their development. Hug your child at least 10-12 times a day, as a warm big cuddle can calm down your child at any time of the day.

2. Spend undivided time with them:

Children yearn for undivided attention from parents. While working from home, it often gets difficult to give them this attention. So, spend at least an hour a day, to engage with your child, keeping aside all the gadgets. Look into their eyes, communicate with them, and let them feel that your focus is only on your child. Let them feel that you are listening to them. Kids feel confident when they get this full attention and it boosts their morale. 

There are so many ways to do so (check out interesting Indoor activities for Kids), play with them, construct imaginative games together, do some crafts, or simply sit and talk to each other (unhindered).

3. Engage in some storytelling, reading

Reading books is a great way to spend quality time. Not just reading, but the conversations, waves of laughter and fun, makes this ritual such a happier one. Grab small moments in between to show your love. 

4. Let them cook with you:

Well, I have been engaging my boy beside me, right when he was a toddler. Initially, it would be a simple play with dough, later on rolling the chapati, washing the veggies and now, the pandora box has opened. We talk, we discuss not just about foods and flavors, but about farming, food chain and so much more. Children feel involved and proud of their contribution, be it small or big! Check out my post on baking with kids

5. Compliment them:

Yes, children feel happy when they are complimented. Not just kids, even we as adults love compliments, don’t we? That’s basic human nature. Give children compliments, as

  • I’m seeing the way you are trying hard to do this task;
  • Try to do your best when on the field;
  • Thanks for helping us with the chores;
  • You did a good job

Such subtle praises build your child’s self-confidence and esteem and surround them with positivity. Believe in descriptive praises, so that your child understands what exactly did you like. Warm compliments encourage children to repeat their behavior and earn love from parents. This goes a great way in changing the difficult behaviors. 

Inflated praise can pressurize them, so avoid using strong adjectives as “incredibly amazing”; ”super -awesome”; you’re the best; you’re genius!

Show your excitement when kids show their eagerness to show you something. They feel encouragement and love. 

These simple habits will make children feel loved, do them zillion times a day! 

Stay happy and more loved!


Quest to live the life surrounded with the charming little bundle's of joy. When they speak, I sing, When they smile, I rejoice , When they hug, I hold them never to lose, Such is my passion for these Gifts of God.This love urged me to navigate separately from my Travel Blog & establish an "All-In-One" Blog for budding mothers. Mum's have multi-tasked this world ,with all her professional commitments , she still makes an extra effort to be a loving, caring and be an intellectual mommy! Cheers, for me too come from the same fraternity, post having a superb academics & close to 8 years of professional experience and blessed with a little one "who has indeed changed my life from Autumn to Spring";)

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    My boys want to help me cooking these days. I am hassled mom so have kept them away from the kitchen. Reading your post makes me reconsider my decision. Lovely series Jhilmil. Some of the posts were really useful

  2. Noor Anand Chawla

    Congratulations on successfully completing the A to Z Challenge!
    Yes it’s so important to cuddle our children, include them in daily activities and praise their efforts, now more than ever before!

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    Oh Yes! there are zillion ways to make it beautiful if you wish to. Congratulations on completing A2Z successfully, J.

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    Nice article… mothers time is very much important for kids

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